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Cheat sheet

During our stay in Italy, how are we going to make sure we stay in tune with our keto-style and still enjoy every now and then? Well, we plan ahead. We have some cooking gear with us. On travel days we think about what we want to eat, prepare or shop for what we need. And we use a CHEAT SHEET for all the things that are more or less in the 'danger zone'. 😉

What would it mean if I had 1 slice of that pizza funghi? Or 1 scoop of gelato al limone? Or a little piccolo bit of spaghetti? Can I stay below 50gr of carbs that day? Of course, NOT every day! But on special days we can choose, consciously.

Dr. Sten Ekberg

The YouTube videos of this man opened my/our eyes. I'm so grateful for everything that he shared about  the mechanics of insuline, diabetes, cholesterol, using medicine, and the flawed premises that the traditional medical world is based on. His standpoint is that diabetes can not be cured, because there's nothing 'broken'. So, the common solution (for a lot of diseases) is to keep symptoms under control, which unfortunately makes it  even worse in many cases. I'm happy to have started with the cause. With great results.

Nitro Oxyde dump exercise

In June 2020 I found Dr Zach Bush with this simple exercise and I started doing it 3 times a day. At that time I was still using medicine to keep my blood sugar levels down. This exercise helps to do that in a natural way and at the same time makes my body stronger.

Now, after more than a year, it's a part of my morning routine. So, once a day. And if I skip it, I miss it. So, I don't. 😉

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Insalate Caprese is perfect keto-style food.

I have a label: diabetic, type 2. If I wanted it or not, once I'd got it, the label was permanent. But that doesn't mean the condition needs to be, too. For the past 5 years, I've accepted the prescription for the common medication to keep my blood sugar levels acceptable. No right or wrong, it was just the treatment by the book.

Now, I've taken back control of my life.

My core issue is insuline resistance and diabetes is the ultimate result of neglecting that cause. And that's what I did for a long time. Now I've come to learn more about how my own body works, I realized that I would be able to reverse my condition by changing what I eat. In other words, cut carbs, because carbs bring an insuline resistant body like mine into absolute panic mode, every time I eat.

Eating keto-style means that I only eat 0-20 grams of carbs a day, instead of the usual 300-500 that I consumed, like most people. By eating a balanced amount of protein and fat, I've now turned my body into a fat-burning mechanism. I lose inches on autopilot and also gain muslce, I lose weight, and I have clearer mind. 

It sounds really simple, and it is, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Imagine you're a bread lover...

I had a hurdle to take.... my attachment to bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, ice-cream, snacks and all kinds of other stuff with lots of carbs. All I 'knew' about keto was eating like a rabbit, and I was never ready to do that. Until March this year. And I discovered how my own fixed beliefs hold me back from amazing things.

Jolanda and I decided to do a keto experiment together, for 1 week, and see how we would feel. And we never stopped.... For us it's not a diet; it's our new lifestyle.

Within 30 days, I was off my medication because my blood sugar levels dropped pretty fast. It was a big win for me too that I love the food I eat!

During the pandemic and partial lockdown the keto-style was pretty easy, this past 5 months. Mostly at home, getting groceries from the familiar places. Keto has become a habit already and it feels good. 

Now that Europe is opening up, we've decided to travel south to enjoy and extend our summer. That means we have to figure out some things about food.

Traveling on keto is a new challenge that we're happy to embrace. We'll be staying in Italy for a while, the heaven of icecream, pasta & pizza, limoncello, amazing panini, and lots more. I'm fine with it, now I know that we'll find great ways to enjoy the lovely Italian way of life and food in our own keto-style.

Ever heard of 'antipasto'?

The starter of a traditional Italian meal is the 'antipasto'. Good old fashioned antipasti (pl.) contain things like cured meat,  saucages, prosciutto, olives, mushrooms, anchovies, cheeses, pepperoncini, vegetables in oil.... Perfect low or non-carb food for a perfect keto-style meal.


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