Why Intentional and Why this Website

Perfect Keto-Food.


Less destructive thoughts, habits and beliefs; less thoughts in general so that more headspace is left for things that matter or for  contemplation.

This is where our Journey will start. Soon.

Before going any further with our website, I want to make clear for myself why we do what we do and what it actually is / how it will look like.

Since we joined SFM and even earlier, freedom was a big thing for me. And it became important for Ruud along the way. In time, I learned that freedom is much more than having enough money to skip the 9 to 5. Than living in an rental apartment and not having much maintenance and being able to close the door and come back months later.

All these things are parts of the outer picture of freedom, but the real freedom needs to be found inside.

Less destructive thoughts, habits and beliefs; less thoughts in general so that more headspace is left for things that matter or for  contemplation.

Also becoming self-reliant and start think for yourself instead of let our (view on the) world be dictated by the media and the opinions from people around us or even by our own ones.

And the latest transition: Creating our lives deliberate through thinking Truth (what we want), Being intentional and Maintaining a high vibration. And, another thing we learn from The Master Keys: Focus on the cause instead of the effect.

Beautiful Nature in Lecce

 Focus on why we want to feel healthy and have abundant cashflows. Both are effects and will help us to live our causes; but what are the causes in our case?

Take myself. I want to live a more active life with more ease and physical freedom because that would be a big upgrade for me. Discovering all kinds of places and nature. Having enough energy to follow impulses.
That’s the cause and more health will arise to support my desire/my cause. But health alone is nothing, just like money. It’s not nothing, it’s a means to make things easier, to create more choices and upgrade life.

Ruud and I both have Freedom as one of our core values. But freedom in all it’s layers and that’s an amazing process to go through. Maybe or probably for the rest of our life. And that’s ok because our life becomes better almost every day.

Deliberate Creating our lives and being Intentional. How do we do that?

It's mostly creating some new habits: 

  • Get yourself focused on 'Truth', and as big and serious sa that may sound, it's nothing more than thinking of what we want. Every thought on what you don't want (for example being ill) makes the 'ill-vibration' stronger. And the same for a thought about health or feeling good. Clean up your thought-habits.
  • Feeling good, practicing a higher, better feeling vibe, attracts better thoughts. Our slogan is: "Care most about how you feel".
  • Become purposeful. Have goals in mind and keep fully focused on them instead of not reaching them yet.


  • And intending our days and parts of the day. Just asking oursleves what we want to experience, stay focused on it for a short time to activate the vibration of it and go.

I think it's that 'simple' what doesn't automatically means it's easy. But definitely a challenge. And how better to practice it than during travelling. So many monents for intentional preperation.

And so many adventures to experience; in alignment with our intentions or a bit less. No idea. For us it seems to be the perfect 'playground' for this new chapter in our lives.

In our daily journals we will contemplate on how it's going, where we can adjust and what works well.

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