Why Intentional,Why this Website and is there a Goal?

Our Bible for this new journey and probably for the rest of this year 2021

The blue-est blue in Sardinia: 2019

Our new dream Locations: Lecce Italy

Our New way of Mobility: The Lynk&Co 01. 

Time to take off again.

After almost 2 years where finally able to travel again. We’re vaccinated, what gives us more freedom in this Corona-era. A conscious choice. All this time we dreamed of going South and now it’s almost happening.

A while ago we started with The Master Keys; for me it was seeing the need train my mind that made me step in this, pretty long, process. 24 chapters in 24 weeks. Daily practice to train the mind, create better habits and train to think Truth. It’s really worth the effort, by the way.

But where comes Intentional from?

Was it, because travelling came close that I remembered my promise I made with myself 2 years ago? The promise to not travel before I could live more intentional and be more aware?  Thispromise came after seeing that the memories of our most amazing trip ever; almost 2 months wandering trhough Sardinia, were very blurry. We were then so caught up with all the choices and so not present, that we almost need pictures to remember our greatest adventure till now.

No, there was another moment, or period. At one point I've got more and more frustrated by creating by default. Hoping that things would work out. A rollercoaster of vibrations, no stability at all. Knowing what I know about the law of attraction, it became kind off ridiculous to live this way. To still think sloppy and manifest so random. I knew I wanted to change. Wanted to discipline my mind; the big change I never finished or even properly started.
Knowledge and some wisdom is a good thing, but when you mess up all kinds of situations by negativity and contradictory expectations made much of what I knew worthless.

In other words; that’s where the desire for intentional living came from.  And a sense of urgency when we decided to go travelling soon.

This is our plan for this Journey.

  • Setting intentions for the day, throughout the day and refocus when things aren’t going the way we want is one.
  • Implementing The Master Keys is another, but there is much overlap.
  • Being very aware of how we feel and what happens around us, and deep gratitude for our amazing life and opportunities is very important too.
  • Having an amazing time of course, with positive expansion in all important areas; health, wealth and love.
  • Being on high flying discs often, is the foundation for this great adventure.
  • Did I miss something? It feels like it, but I can’t see anything else. Yes. Creativity. That’s very important. Painting, writing and music.

Reason website. There are multiple.

  • We need a project. Things were still a while and we missed a focus; a task to do every day is great. And we love building websites, photography, making videos and self-development. A good combi to get creative with and using our digital skills.
  • Committing ourselves to write something every day will keep us more focused and intentional.
  • CReating a place to go to for a good vibe and reminders which will be a part of this website. Reminders to keep us focused. Available right away when the vibe drops or a situation arises that needs more focus and intention.
  • A nice memory of this new way of traveling and living and where it all led too.
  • Is there a goal to reach? A desire how we want to be, live or whatever at the end of this journey? For having the end in mind? To direct the energy instead of letting it happen without direction.


Where are we (not geographically) at 13 October 2021 (a random date Ruud picked that will probably be the end of our journey)?

  • We feel fit, healthy and light
  • Much highflying moments, in others words feeling good a lot of the time and very harmonious.
  • More abundant then what we thought was possible and very relaxed about finances. And I have my Monopoly-like money flow games back to create strategies and to sharpen my skills as a money-creator.
  • Strong new focus and a powerful purpose for the future. And with lots of fulfillment while working on our new passions.
  • Our creativity is fully unleashed.
  • We are loaded with wonderful memories of what we’ve seen and experienced, the beautiful people  we’ve met, how intense we lived, in touch with the present and how well life works from being intentional and clear.
  • Also good memories about the nice restaurants we’ve visit and how well things went on Keto abroad.

That's a good focus to hit the road again. This time in our amazing Lynk&Co01. A total new mobility concept and an amazing car to drive in. A beautiful present from the universe.

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