Why do we work?

Good question… Why do we work?

If you’re a litte bit like me, you were also brought up with these ideas…
Life is about money,
You go to school to get a job.
The harder you study, the better the job,
and the better the job, the more money you’ll earn.

What a load of crap. Why?
Well, what do most of us do with our money?

Pay the bills.

We pay the bills.
Maybe we save a little,
to go on vacation,
once a year, maybe twice if we’re lucky.
When we work harder and earn more,
we buy a bigger house, a bigger car,
and we pay more bills.
Bottom line is, we end up working most of our life,
often in a job we don’t like, or even hate,
working ad commuting way more than we want.
We struggle with money most of our life,
feeling unhappy most of our life,
being worried or afraid about the future
and full of regrets about the past.
I think it’s crazy how much we take for granted,
just because we didn’t pay for them…
like health, relationships, family,

Our life.
Sorry if it all sounds bad, but if something feels bad,
it means you have something you can change.
Look at it this way….
Is earning money really worth sacrificing your life?
What would you do if money was not an issue?
Could you enjoy more with less?
How open are you to explore the 21 century opportunities?
There are ways to create a different life for yourself.
How would it feel to live a fulfilled and meaningful life?
A life where you become the best version of you?
Where you grow, be of value and contribute, have impact?

It’s there, you just have to open your eyes for it.
You know, nobody teaches us about money, or life.
Our parents and school taught us things that restrict our life.
We don’t learn how to enjoy life and live it on our own terms.
But don’t worry, you still can make a change.
You have a choice, your change is one decision away.
It’s not too late, it never is.
If we can do it, you can do it.
Reinvent Life!
Jolanda and I started our change when were past 50.
Yes, we were scared, full of doubts and scepticism.
Who wants to start an online business?
Who wants to learn tech stuff?
Who wants to learn about websites and social media?
I understand those questions, but it’s fun! We love it!
And we made lots of friends all over the world.
This education platform is full of like-minded people.
No competition, only love, support and help.
It has really broadened our perspective,
on work, on money, on life,
on our relationship, on our future.
You deserve a better life too.
Just allow yourself to explore.
It’s your choice.
it’s your life.
Thanks for reading.
Kind regards,
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