The Master Key System 

20 August 2021. Some extra clarity on top of the last message. A clear desire is all I can do for the Universe so that it can start manifesting for me. And stick with it instead of thinking of 3 new things every day - then it's impossible to know what I really want and will manifestations be kind of a lottery. Everything else is meant for me to stay in lane with my desire, to get or keep my vibe high, to think truth and use affirmations and mantras to keep me away from thoughts that aren't beneficial and stick to deep faith/positive expectation. That's about it.

18 August 2021. The world within is the Universal fountain of supply, and the world without is the outlet to the stream. Our ability to receive depends upon our recognition of this Universal Fountain, this Infinite Energy of which each individual is an outlet, and so is one with every other individual. (Part 1).
Knowledge is one. Deep belief till real knowing needs to be developped, we realized.

What's so special on The Master Keys?

The Master Keys is one of those amazing, and at first sight dull books. Just like The Science of Getting Rich is this book around 100 years old, but totally not obsolete. The language is a bit outdated, but the knowledge is priceless.

For me, Jolanda, the book was the answer on my desire to discipline my mind. Stop the endless conversations and start becoming more focused and aware. Just rounded up Part 11 (of 24) I can really see much difference. In my head and also in the more simple way of approaching life.

Looking forward to the rest of the book - and our development.


What's the goal of studying this book


More deliberate instead of by default manifesting.
More silence and focus because it feels good and makes me happy.
Complete trust, faith and knowing.
Intentional living.
Confidence from knowing and good experiences - Becoming more aware of my power.
Controling life from within.

THE GOAL AT 31 DECEMBER 2021 (after 24 weeks/24 parts):
Intending and Good expectations are the norm
I have a strong direction and a passion to jump out of bed for
My physics are great
Life is amazing now I choose what I really want to experience.


It's my desire to really shift from theory to practice, experience, and walk the talk. I know how it works, yet, implementing it is challenging.

GOAL AT 31 DECEMBER 2021 (after 24 weeks/24 parts):
Understand, believe, experience and FEEL what power I have within me. Mastering my own thought to create my life as I want it to be.

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