Mind Power

September 17th (day 25)

Today, we moved from our Tuscan farm house to a modern hotel right at the Ancona harbour, called Seeport Hotel… You can see the port.. and the sea… 😉 Someone very creative came up with that name.

September 7th (day 15)

Power comes from repose. Your best and most creative ideas pop up when you are doing nothing, so relaxing and doing what you love is a great way to grow.

September 6th (day 14)

Feeling @home. Stayed in today, or at least we didn’t go anywhere, except dinner at Mimmi’s tonight. A day for repose, relax, enjoy, study. And some surprises from nature.

September 2nd (day 10)

Experiencing ‘la dolce far niente’ and getting comfortable with our temporary home. We’re so happy with this incredible place we’ve found. Also about manifesting, intentions, and releasing the need to control….

August 30th (day 7)

Our last day in Ferrara and our next destination was yet unknown. That’s the beauty and freedom of intentional traveling, and find inspiration for the next step. If not, we’ll find another short-term solution. And wow, that purpose story we spoke about yesterday….. That had a great follow-up.

August 21st (3 days before day 1)

Only 3 days before we leave. We had a great example of the impact intentions can have. Awareness and skills to adjust our thought patterns are key.

The Master Key System

Our mutual study project at the moment. We’ve already been on it for a couple of months now, and we’ll keep this great project going during our trip. We created this special post on this topic to write about the lessons and insights.