September 4th (day 12)

Explored the area today, and it’s amazing how beautifl it is around here. Insights from a call with Jason Kubassek, one of our mentors. And perfectly worked intentions. We’re grateful.

August 21st (3 days before day 1)

Only 3 days before we leave. We had a great example of the impact intentions can have. Awareness and skills to adjust our thought patterns are key.

August 20th (4 days before day 1)

Today, is the official start of our journal. From now on we’ll post here every day. Everything that we find useful to keep record of, to remind ourselves, and to create a great memory of this trip of beauty and growth in all areas of life.

August 16th (8 days before day 1)

This should have been the day before, as we planned to leave on the 17th. However, last week we got the phone call we were expecting! Let go of the outcome, and see what happens. 😉

August 9th (15 days before day 1)

Location independence…. Masterminding and brainstorming about our coming trip south. About this website and our goals. It takes a bit longer than usual lunch. And I love it.