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September 8th (day 16)

Another day of repose and relaxation. Also a special day in remembrance of Ruud’s dad.

September 6th (day 14)

Feeling @home. Stayed in today, or at least we didn’t go anywhere, except dinner at Mimmi’s tonight. A day for repose, relax, enjoy, study. And some surprises from nature.

September 5th (day 13)

Sunday Funday. We had fun today on this great day. Nice call, enjoying the Max-Factor, great dinner, and an amazing present at night with the fantastic starry sky.

September 4th (day 12)

Explored the area today, and it’s amazing how beautifl it is around here. Insights from a call with Jason Kubassek, one of our mentors. And perfectly worked intentions. We’re grateful.

August 27th (day 4)

Buongiorno! This morning, we crossed the border into Italy and arrived at our next stay in the city of Ferrara.

August 17th (7 days before day1)

This was supposed to be the day we were going to start our trip to Italy. However, the universe delivers and at exactly the right time we manifested our new car. So, a small delay to enhance our travel experience. We also take some ‘new’ things with us….