Being Present

Another day of repose, meditation,  contemplation, study, stilness, enjoying, being present. And we love it like this. It's exactly the reason why we choose this place; to really BE here. Tomorrow, we'll combine shopping with visiting one of the many beautiful cities here, Città di Castello. Intentional and early, to enjoy the coolness and quietness of the empty squares and alleys.

Early this morning

I just can't get enough of the early morning views from our house. We get up earlyl, and just before 7am it looked like this. Last week the sun was just above the mountains at this time, but hey, it's September... Nature is preparing for autumn and it gets light a minute later, every day.  But the dawn is beautiful here, especially when there's fog in the valley below us. 

The Master Key System

Chapter 13 has a lot to offer. Today, we masterminded about it again.

  • Recognizing and appreciating Infinite Power and our connection to it, is key. Really understand (feel!) the impact of our own thoughts in creating our own reality, and when we do, we're 'done' learning. Just kidding, we're never done learning.
  • In other words, find and cultivate the right method of thinking: constructive, positive, creative, truth.
  • We are a finite extension of the Universe, the Infinite. As finite we can not advise the Infinite, nor should we try. We feel this is a big one, even though we're not fully grasping it.
  • For happy thoughts, you need a happy consciousness. And if we change our consiousness, circumstances and experiences with automatically change too. In other words; our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. 

Intentions Jolanda . I asked myself what Neville Goddard suggests: "What do I want from life?" This to inspire me to go for what I want instead of what I think is possible. A big limitation I put on myself often. Today I choose a deeper experience; to tap in another conscious layer to create a bigger/different understanding. I choose great joy and satisfaction for no reason. I choose to experience something completely new. ANd I choose to experience life more and more present; Intense, Still, Aware and Beautiful. I choose a BIG and AMAZING SURPRISE.

Intentions Ruud. This is a really good day. Today, I will be more aware of my inner guidance system, and use it the best I can. I intend to focus on what I want and be aware of how I feel about it. Grazie for this beautiful day.

Result. (J) The big and amazing surprise financially came already, but who knows we get another amazing surprise. I love where I am and the stillness and I also desire some excitement now and then. Ruud and I came also to the conclusion that, although it feels abundant to eat out every night, it's also a challenge to do that Keto and . . . . every night removes the specialness. So, we came to some easy and delicious home-cooked meals again. Tomorrow we'll do some shopping and discovering a new city also.
(R) Most of the day I found myself practicing 'thinking truth' and catching unwanted thoughts before they 'nested' on my head. (see this post). There were not a lot of thoughts to catch and let go, but I'm very happy with the awareness-level today. No new ideas about what I exactly want from life. Grateful anyway.

of today

Next week I (J)start with a painting course. This are 2  paintings I made from a previous course. Looking forward to learn new things and most important; to open myself to paint more freely and without forcus on the outcome.

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