Today, I remember and celebrate my dad, as it is exactly a century ago - 100 years - that he was born. Not long before his passing, this pic was taken in front of his pride, our home decoration shop, our family home was behind and above it. The window above the shop was my room. 


Most of us don't do that, because we focus on what is. "I want this, but I have this"...  The Law of Attraction gives us much more easy access to what we're looking at than to what we want. But how can we get LOA to work with us? And here comes a typical Abraham line.... By morphing what we talk about, more in the direction of what we want. By looking at what is at the 'outer edges' it becomes more easy to talk only about what we want. These 'outer edges',  in my opinion, is our vibrational reality. Withdrawing your attention (=energy) from the 'what-is-itis' and giving it to the thoughts and talking about what you want.
Thank you Abraham.

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My dad in front of our place.


Ristorante Marilena la Casella... Just the name made it something to look forward too, already. And as Clapton would say "You were wonderful tonight", because it was. 

Just got back from the restaurant. Nice place, very authentic, difficult to eat Keto since there was a fixed menu, so we decided to go with the flow, minimilize the carbs and we enjoyed a delicious Tiramisu.

On our way back, there was a little owl sitting in the middle of the road. It was a dark and deserted road, and I was driving slowly, so no harm done. We observed it for a while and then it flew off. Nice gift.

Always nice to have some mis-communication. Ruud wanted 1 glass of wine. The owner wanted to serve a quarter liter and this is how it all came together. 
A quarter of a liter red wine in a Birra Moretti glass. 😊🤣 ➡➡➡➡


In honour of my dad, this playlist. As a musician, of course, he loved listening to music, too. Lots of different kinds, but one of his favourites was music from the Alps, Tirol, by Ernst Mosch and his Egerländer Musikanten.


Jolanda: I intend a breakthrough mindwise and especially physically. I'm so eager to experience what the universe has lined up for me. I'm deeply grateful for whatever comes my way because I know I will love it. Arigato

Ruud: This is a good day. Today, my intention is to relax, learn, and enjoy, and find out more about me. I will be open for new insights about who I am, what I want, and why. Grateful, grazie.

Results: (J) No breakthrough or it must be a deeper understanding of The Master Keys and life. So, more or less a check. I practiced doing nothing - not in the sense of La Dolce Far Niente, but more like what Deepak Chopra recommend - do 1 or more hours a day nothing. Not so much sitting down, but try to open yourself for a higher connection. Did the 'nothing' part, not much connection.
I did had a great day, though. and I am grateful for being here and what came along today. Arigato. 
Oh, one thing. I got the impuls to set bolder intentions. Having a nice day is good, but sometimes more action or change is needed to spice things up.

(R) What I didn't expect when I set my intentions this morning, was that my dad's 100th birthday would get to me the way it did. Not in a bad way, but I spent a big part of the day thinking about him and the rest of the family. Feeling grateful mostly, instead of sad. It's all good, I believe. I still had a great day in all areas.

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