The Master Keys

In chapter 14 is a part about scientific proof for the natural laws, with some explanation of elektrons, atoms and molecules and cells. Especially about the fact that the cells in our body are intelligent. They all know when and how to perform the task they've been designed for. It's called mind, and is part of that big on; the universal mind. We all are a part of that same whole. I always thought the phrases 'connect with your body', 'inner being', 'go inside' were a little bit oozy woozy, abstract. With what I know now about the conscious and subconscious mind, I suddenly realised something. My body is my subconcious mind, or at least an important part of it. My intelligent body is mind driven, just like everything else in life. Meditating, breathing excercises, connecting with my inner being, is all about feeling what goes on in my body, my subconscious part that connects me with the universal. Arigato. 

Just before 7am the sky turned into gold

This day was another amazing day in our private palazzo. Waking up to view like this is so amazing. We are used to beautiful sunrises at home too, maybe this means next level. Or it just feels like that, because of the place we are at the moment. The first week is a wrap, and we feel very much at home here.

Most of the day we spent on relaxing, writing, studying, home-made lunch, dinner at Il Pino, a nice walk, contemplating, nice talks. I helped a friend to upgrade her CashFX account, and mostly being present and aware. Enjoy. 

From a distance it may seem not very spectacular, yet, for us this feels like heaven. This is exactly how we like to live; set intentions for the day, about what we want to experience, and let it unfold. For every significant change of segment, we also try to remember to set intentions for it. And we're getting better and better at that, too. 

We can gradually grow into any condition we desire, provided we first make ourselves in habitual mental attitude the person who corresponds to those conditions. - Judge Thomas Troward.


Ruud's Intentions:
Today, is a wonderful day. I will look for things I like and make me feel good, and I will find them. I will enjoy reading, writing, focusing and concentrating, walking, supporting, being aware of how I feel and practicing my skills to move up when I need it. I intend to put my attention on keeping my positive state of mind, and act from there. All in gratitude. Grazie.

Jolanda's Intentions:  I intend to have intense moments of contemplation in deep silence. I intend lightness, playfulness and direction in my painting. I intend deeper insight and clarity in The Master Keys and life in general; how to live it's most natural. I intend to be present often, deeply enjoying where I am and who I am. Deeply grateful for my drive to move closer to 'the core' of being and surrender to that.
I intend physical strength and flexibility, what needs to come from the inside (thoughts/feelings) first. And I intend lovely and satisfying meals. Arigato.

Result:  (J) I remember me mildly 'trying' to live La Dolce Far Niente. Dissappearing in the great not-doing. I need to have some practice since it's not fully natural/conditioned for me. My early morning in the cool air, the sunshine, silence (apart from commute sounds in the distance. It's easy to be present then, to be aware of the air, the colors and the amazing idea I may live here for a while.
No playfulness with painting, because I didn't paint. I did some study on YouTube for a new direction.
Worked on The Master Keys and it was clarifying and I take it on a different take; I look what I know/master already instead of what I need to learn.

I see that the high priority on being present and aware doesn't work out very well. Every day saying that I want it and not doing it. I see now that it's just a choice I need to make every time, till it becomes a habit. And maybe I'm more present than I think? (J)

Wonderful day and effortless ease. Every intention worked out. Short and simple (R).

Can't get enough from these beautiful pictures, just like the real view.

Focusing on the Bitcoin to go to 53K (almost this morning), and in a few hours it went back to 44K.
No big deal, but everyone was talking about up-up-up, so this was a surprise.

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