Here was a picture of a, almost adorable, scorpio. I didn't want it to have here, because I don't want to activate the thought of these animals.

This morning, Jolanda found an unexpected guest in the house. A few days ago, we already saw a very small one, maybe 1cm, but this one was about 5cm. They're not dangerous, we've been assured, and every end of the summer they find a nice spot for the winter. If there's a house around, that's a great spot. Yes, we are in a very natural environment. This morning, the lady owner of the place showed us that wild boars had been shuffling in the grass in the garden. There's wooden fence so the big ones can't get in, but the small ones do. It must have been last night. Maybe even when we were there watching the stars.... 


We decided to stay at home today. Just after lunch, right next to us, one of our 'our' gattini gave a good  example. All animals take a time out after a meal . Most humans don't, but Italians still have a midday break, called 'riposo'. Apart from turistic places and bigger supermarkets, shops close for lunch and don't open up before 4pm or even later. It's nice to adjust to that lifestyle for a while, so you can guess what.... we took a nap. As they say 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do...' 😉

Intentions for today

Jolanda: This day is for gratitude and for being present. The great feeling of those 2 vibrations combined. I also choose to create clarity and study about how to live most naturally, acoording to the laws. And I'll study about investing and set things in place. Today I choose to contemplate and be creative and will spend several hours to play, childishly free and make something without focus on result. Today am present and Loving. Arigato

Ruud: Today is a good day. Today, is a day of enjoying repose, contemplation, studying, writing, and most of all, feeling good doing it. I intend to focus on growth and joy, and only talk about what I want, entertain thoughts that serve me well. I will allow the new great ideas that come my way, and embrace them as old friends. Today, is a really good day. Grazie mille.

Results: Lovely day.  This evening at the restaurant 'Mimmi' we concluded we loved our kind of daily routine. do we want to go out tomorrow? Ehhhh... Why? Where to? We have a great place. I love my first few hours of the day on my portico, Ruud one floor lower. Some meditation, little dreaming, being grateful and enjoying the place.
Just being and let the day unfold. Exactly what one of our goals was for this stay abroad.
Talking, we did set up another income stream today. BOTS. Very interesting. Ruud helped someone enter CashFX. We study The MasterKeys and also other things. I did paint today. And, as said, we ate again at Mimmi's. Simple, honest, but delicious food with a Tiramisu; no words to describe.
And again, we forgot to make pictures of the amazing plates of food. Eating out, but even healthier then we often cook at home.

Did it all happen by good intending? I don't know. I did intend the day and my painting. And Mimmi's. I focus regularly on an affirmation of what I want and on "I'm Whole Perfect Strong Poweful Loving Harmonious and Happy". All things that clean my vibration and keep me in a good flow.
Whatever; life is amazing. Of course through the surroundings, but most of all by our state of mind and focus. Arigato.

Just some feel good pictures made on our (temporary) property.

Forecast for this week

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