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Italy is carb-heaven with all its lovely pasta, pizza, ice-cream, limoncello, dolce.... I've had a good share of it all in the past. But now that I've taken responsibility in dealing with insuline resistance and diabetes, and reversing it by changing to a keto lifestyle and intermittent fasting, carbs have almost completely disappeared from our menu. And I love it. I feel better than I've felt in years. With no or just a few carbs I enjoy every meal, also here in Italy. Like yesterday's lunch..... Yummy 😋


We had to get some groceries, gas and cash so we decided to do an early drive to Cortona, so we could have all 3 things close to each other. 

Apart from some delay at the gas station, everything went good. However, we did notice the lack of intentions we had set before taking off. Being aware of that is so important, to learn from these experiences. 

We were both very much looking forward to a call with friends back home, to catch up, and to talk about a new investment opportunity. It's so nice to have people around us who are on the same level, who understand how we live, because they pretty much do the same. 

Formula 1

After 36 years, the Formula 1 circus was back in the Netherlands. The enormous orange crowd got good value for their money, because our national race hero Max won the race in a magnificent way. Being a fan, on one hand it felt like I should have been there, but I'm also very happy that I wasn't.  


J. Today I'm deeply aware and present, just because that feels so good. Today love and gratitude are my predominant vibration. Also do I choose lightness and ease plus a deeper sense of abundance by, for instance, eating out whenever I want. Today I also dedicate to study and creativity in this amazing envirnment. And today I will transform some old thought-habits. Arigato

R. This is a wonderful day. Today, it's my intention to feel good about myself, who I am, my life. I intend to feel grateful for it, and satisfied, yet eager for whatever beauty is around the corner. Today, I will have fun with being present and aware, calls, F1, dinner at Il Pino, and everything else that comes along. Today, is an amazing day. Arigato.

J. A number of times, I was present and aware of the amazing life I live. I deeply enjoyed many moments. I certainly enjoyed eating out real Italian food and of course the company I was with. During dinner we adressed some old thoughts/beliefs and transformed them. I didn't intend working on the website; well, I did, but from hurry and quick, quick. I did realize that afterwards and will do 'better' next time.

R. The specific moments that I intended at the beginning of the day all worked out perfect. Yesterday, I found out that our website was suspended. I didn't expect an answer on my support ticket until after the weekend. I let go of the result, and yes, there was the reply; on Sunday. Issues solved and we're back online. A little hick-up in the morning, because of the lack of intentions, was short-term. I guess we both used our skills to soothe it and focus on things we want and are important for us, instead of a minor incident. Every day, in every way, we're getting better and better. ❤


We had a lovely dinner at osteria Il Pino, not even 10 minutes away from our place. When we got back around 10pm it was completely dark, and we were blown away by the beautiful starry sky we saw. This place is almost free of light-pollution and that's a big difference with what we are used too, even in a small town as ours. The pic can't really show what it's really like, maybe if you zoom in a bit. But we sat down in our chairs, leaned back, and just looked up in gratitude and amazement for a while.... 


By accident we drove through Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

We passed a crossing and I thought that looked familiar. I checked afterwards, and I was right. But I wasn't 100% sure when we passed by. A few minutes later in the town I didn't remember anything. But when we drove passed a ristorante that we visited back then, alsmost 10 years ago, I immediately knew it. We still make fun of it sometimes, because of the harsh TL lights they had in that place. But the food was great. 

Lake Trasimeno

Anyway, the experience reminded me again of how unaware and not  present I used to be on holidays. The transition of the past couple of years really has an impact and I can now really be where I am, instead of thinking of the next... the next... the next.... We sometimes need pictures to 'get back' to Sardinia, 2 years ago. I feel grateful for the changes I've gone through 

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