Going for a drive in the

country side

September 4th

Intentions of The Day

Ruud: September 4th. Today is a great day. I intend to continue focusing on being present and aware, because it feels sooo good. I will have a feel-good drive & countryside picnic, see beautiful things, and enjoy being there together. It's my intention to walk the talk, and only talk about what I want, caring most about how I feel. Grazie.🙏  

Jolanda: today I choose to create even more clarity around thought/focus/vibration. I also choose to educate myself more in the money-department and set things up. I choose to deeply and present enjoy our trip in the countryside + picknick+contemplation. I choose a predominant vibration of gratitude, surrender and love. Arigato. Oh, and I choose to relax and create. 

Result: we had a wonderful drive in Tuscany, saw little churches and ruins. Came eventually in known places around the lake Trasimeno where we stayed years ago. We had a quick and hot picknick in a little town because we forgot to take our table and chairs for picknick-ing wherever we want and there were some nasty bugs; the ones I’m a bit allergic for. But... I saw how I could choose differently (after we drove away from them). Just like I choose differently in the dark this evening outside with the amazing cricket-choir (and mosquitos). I came in peace with what I had manifested – mosquitos – and was very present at this amazing moment in time. The crickets are really hypnotizing, and the sultry air. I was deeply grateful for being here, just like a bit later when we were inside our, what Ruud call, palazzo. 

Then we listened to a call with Jason Kubazek, one of our mentors, and it was so spot on with where we’re busy with. I explain in below. 

All with all another great day. Arigato. 

Call from Jay/Jason, one of our mentors

I heard Jay talk about a lesson he learnt from his mother when he was young. She told him that you can’t prevent a bird from flying over your head, or pooping on your head, but you can prevent it from building its nest on your head. Of course, the story is not about a bird but about being in control of your thoughts. About choosing and directing your thoughts in a positive way. I immediately thought about what we’re learning in the Master Key System; you can’t prevent a negative thought from coming to you, but you don’t have to entertain it. A lot of things/thoughts you don’t have under control, but you can choose how you respond. Take a step back, see the thought coming, and see it go as well.  (R)

Ruud explained what he got out of the call with Jason, but I had another insight as well. Apart from all this above, I saw how something I heart in the beautiful movie Blackbird, with one of my favourite actresses; Susan Sarandon.

Driving around

After a few days 'at home' we decided to discover the surroundings. It was an experience with only positives. Not that everything was great, but we made it great in our mind.
Biting bugs? I can choose different and I choose to feel good - which means no bugs next t ime.
Forgot our picknick table and chairs? We just found a place to sit in a little, noisy town and we loved it.
We came across lake Trasimeno and the view was stunning and driving, slowly and comfortable in our 01 through the Tuscan countryside was a joy on itself. Only the experience gave so much to be grateful for that we had a wonderful day.

Susan mentioned that when she found peace with dying, she had the space to fully focus on living. That came in mind during the call, and I think this is how it works. When you’re afraid of dying, living is more avoiding dying instead of fully jump into everyday living. As soon as you have set that aside, real and full living takes over. Loved the movie and love the spin-of. 

Another thing I've got from the call with Jason was his writing discipline and how that works. He writes 30 times “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”. After 10 times his repeating thoughts come to a halt, after 20 times he feels great and after 30 times a whole new set of thoughts, high vibrational thoughts are coming around. Especially when he starts to write it very needly and focused. Full good intentions. Interesting. 

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