September 3th (day 11)

Another day in (our)Paradise

Can't get enough of the view of my portico

The crickets in the evening are amazing, just like the stars

A super relaxed day in our palazzo.

Great keto lunch. 
We both had some calls at the end of the day, and we decided to go out for dinner after that. My call ends at 8pm, and here in Italy restaurants often open at 7.30pm, so that's great. The first place we went to, was a bit – too - crowded. That's a bummer, we didn't expect that. 🙂.  Maybe we didn't set the right intentions? Or not at all, we just took off.
We paused and considered our options. Should we go home and start cooking, or intend the right way and manifest a place that suits us?
We chose the last one. After not even 10 minutes, we arrived at restaurant Mimmi. A lovely lady (probably Mimmi) welcomed us in an almost empty room. That's great! No menu to choose from, just eat the dish of the day. Well, we got a big treat, because it was delicious, abundant, and super keto friendly. We were so busy enjoying that we even forgot to take pictures. Next time… We already promised her to be a regular for the next 4 weeks. 🙂 

Intention of Today

Jolanda: Today I choose lightness and fun and I choose to play. I choose my 'having all the time in the world'-mode and I will do all kinds of things I love and are excited about. I choose to expand our abundance and I choose to open myself even more for receiving beautiful income streams and surprises. I choose lightness and flow combined with being playful, creative but also still and take time to contemplate. Arigato.

Ruud: Today is a good day. It's my intention to feel more and more at home in our palazzo, to be present and aware of the beauty around me. I will be open for new creative ideas that come to me, and feel the impulse about them.

 I love knowing that I am taken care of and I am trusting the universe in that. This is a day of love, joy, happiness and fantastic surprises. Arigato. Grazie!

Result: We had a great day at ‘home’ enjoying this amazing place deeply. In the evening we wanted to go for dinner, but the place we picked was very crowdy, not something we pick these days. I must say there was almost no intending, so that’s how that worked out, but..... We decided to go to Mimmi’s and that was a wonderful experience. Real Italian food, almost whole keto and the experience was great, having a proper Italian meal for the first in more than 2 years. We decided to visit her place a lot in the future. And to intend better and make a reservation with Il Pino, the crowded place.

All with all a very good day.

One of the beautiful views from our place.

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