September 2nd (day 10)

La Dolce Far Niente

(The sweet doing nothing)

Pictures that make it easy to go back to this wonderful atmosphere

Intentions of Today

Ruud: This is a good day. Today I intend to feel good, relax, enjoy and experience this incredible place. I will also dive into the clarity i got about trying to control things, and the realisation that releasing that also means releasing resistance. I will express my gratitude and joy for that insight, and practice releasing resistance in any way, shape or form. Grazie mille. ♥️🙏

Jolanda: Today I intend peace and quiet + enjoying a flow of creation. I choose to feel fit and flexible and I choose to enjoy the simple things of life. 

Today I choose abundance flowing in my life easily and surprisingly. Today is a good day to make bigger plans and today I enjoy thinking truth. Today I love the surprises from exploring life and I choose stillness and contemplation. Arigato

Result: I deeply enjoyed the crickets in the evening, money did flow in, in a surprising way. We made a financial plan. I am very satisfied of the painting I did. Deeply being where I am and enjoying the present is something I need to choose more. I want to be in beautiful places, but I truly catched myself thinking what to do after this month and not being here. Point of attention and of joyful expantion. (J).

The need to control...
This morning, I had a sort of insight about trying to make things happen. Mentally or physically... There are so many things happening that I don't have under my control. Always has, always will. And it's OK. I realize that. Even better; giving up control is only giving up resistance, frustration and tension. Giving up my weird need to control, brings me in the right state to receive, to allow. And after all, I never really had control anyway. I feel grateful for this insight.

Another delicious Keto Lunch

Money starts Flowing
The Master Keys start kicking in more and more.

The past 36 hours there is massive proof that, by choosing money to flow instead of waiting anf hoping; money comes in, in most unexpected ways.

Plus new investment opportunities are coming to us and we are ready to implement and learn more about it.
Happy Money. Arigato

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