August 31st (day 8)
September 1st (day 9)

Our home for the next Month

On the end of the 30st we found our new stay. We caused a little panic with the host because we booked monday night and were arriving tuesday afternoon. But, of course, everything worked out pretty well. 

And we are super happy and grateful for this place. It's even more satisfying than we expected. 

How the manifesting of the house went.

30th of August we were in Ferrara knowing we needed to move the next day with no particular place to go. We got caught up in our desires and lost the WHY out of sight. As soon as we realized it we got to the core of our next stay for a month; the little lists we wrote in the previous blog.

From there we started to look in Airbnb and at some point I realized that I had several stays saved, but they didn’t ticked all the boxes of our previous house-intending. But with our new perspective, 2 did match and finally we decided for our current place. It was short notice, but we could come.

Driving toward there, on the boarder-area of Tuscany and Umbria, we started to love this place. And seeing the house was incredible. We had the privilege to stay here for 30+ days. Waking op that much times with a view on the mountains. Hearing the crickets in the evening. It’s a very old house with a lot of new luxury and so much surprises.

1.I’ve got my painting studio
2.And a portico to write in the morning, both with stunning views.
3.Behind the house, often walk wild animals; boars, porcupine and more (didn’t spot one yet)
4.Very nice places in the home and outside to contemplate, read and just be.
5.4 young kittens to enjoy.

And we realized that, if we wouldn’t adjusted our wish list to our WHY, we would missed this house.  Deep gratitude for the process and how everything worked out.


Jolanda: Today I choose stillness and being deeply present, grateful and happy + ease. Today I choose abundance flowing in naturally and happily. I intend peace of mind and just being. Enjoying what’s in front of me. It’s short, consize, simple but this is all I ask for this day.

Ruud: Today is a beautiful day. It's my intention to have a wonderful experience

exploring our temporary home and surroundings. I will feel comfortable with the feelings of happiness, gratitude and love for finding this place. I intend to feel gratitude for all the things that will eventually come to me. Today is also day to start working again on my study, my growth, doing what I love to do, get creative, and have fun with it. I feel blessed, happy,joyful. Grazie.

Results: Things turned out pretty well, not to say spectacular in a still and grateful way. We love where we are and are adjusting to staying here and becoming a part of the stillness and nature around us.

Master Keys and deeper understanding.

Almost from the moment we arrived, we had these visitors. four cute little kittens hoping for something....  We love them already. 

Today i (Ruud) started reading chapter 13 of the master keys. And the part about giving before receiving was so clarifying to me. We can make it so difficult, but if you realise that giving is a mental process, it totally makes sense.

Part 12 gave me a lot of clarity. Our thoughts are the cause of our results. When the result is there, there’s not much to do other then accept and make the best of it. And make a new choice, a new thought for a new future experience (which can we very soon).
So, when things aren’t how I like them to be, pushing against is a total waste of time and energy.

 Just choose what I like. And the knowing that I don’t have to work on changing the present moment. And don’t have to analyze why things are as they are, give such a lightness. It really starts to sink in.
I use it more and more – thinking of what I want, whatever happens.

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