September 19th.20th.21st

Our Journey Home

After leaving the house in Tuscany we booked a hotel in Ancona; luxurious, nice view, nice food; a real treat. 3 nights and then go looking for another stay, but at the beginning we both realized we wanted to go home instead.

Finally we were in Italy, we enjoyed it so much and now we wanted to go home already? Why?

We started this journey, partly for reuniting with Italy, partly to learn being more present and having a good opportunity to implement the Master Keys. Travelling is always more challenging then being at home, so that made a good opportunity to see how we could maintain a good vibe and focus more positive. That went pretty well. And from there, or just because a new environment gives expansion, we both got the desire to start something new. Ruud wanted to order the Keyboard he longed for so long and I got fired up by a short Painting course I did this period. I wanted to go home, install my portable studio and start implementing all I’ve learned.

And there was another thing; we are free to go away whenever we want. If the Dutch weather will give a desire to go South again, we can go whenever we want. That’s a huge difference then only having a few weeks a year to go on holiday, like when we both had a job. And no FOMO, cause we had a great time and enjoyed the places and newness so much.

Sunday (a day earlier than planned) we got up early, did a bit of our morning routine, went to the roof terrace for a quick but breath-taking keto-breakfast and went North, towards Switzerland. We decided to make a lot of kilometers this first day, but, just in Switzerland, all hell broke lose; intense thunder and lot’s of rain. After a while we decided to stop and see what our intuition could tell us.
Despite our plan to go up North much further we stopped, found a nice hotel and settled in. It felt pretty luxurious to stop so early in the day, we enjoyed it and we’re very fit and eager the next day to go on.

During dinner that evening we’ve got a reaaaaal schnitzel. Jammie.

Travel day 2.

It was a great day, sunshine, clear few on the mountains and we saw lots of snow on the high peaks. A very smooth travel and I discovered a very nice and beneficial thing.
Normally I set my intentions in the morning, do some meditation and at some point in the day, I realize things aren’t going so well and I try to adjust my vibration to attract something better. This time I was fully aware of how I felt from the beginning, I focused on feeling good, gratitude for the smooth travel and the beauty around me and things did go extremely well. No dropping of the vibration with lower experiences; I felt amazing, we drove a lot of kilometers and we found a nice hotel, very smoothly.

The difference between upping your vibration in the morning, not paying attention till it is dropped significantly and then try to up it again versus stay on my high vibration and feel more then good all the time was very clear. This is what I want and I did the same the next day with the same, smooth and amazing result.

Intentions for the trip home

Jolanda: My intentions were smoothness, flow and having fun. Being present and having a great time

Ruud: My intention for the traveling days is to experience these days in love, joy, ease and flow, to be aware and care most about how I feel.

Result: That all went very well, we made good choices, things got smooth and in flow and we had a short and fun time driving North.

Day 3.

We went up early again, eat a nice breakfast and we’ve got home around 12.30 with groceries and fish from our local fish-store we love so much. I think around 3, all the holiday-mess was gone and we were really home again,
ordered one of our favorite Keto foods and topped it of with a bit of wine.
Smooth and fun as intended.

End of the travel and time to see where we’re at and where to go from here. The last blog of this travel Journal.

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