September 18th (day 26)

Ancona in one word... Wow...

 Jolanda shared about our decision to move to a hotel in ancona. Well, this saturday was our first full day in the city. Today, i did a city walk and i was amazed by the beauty of the city. The steep alley-ways and all the stairs i had to cover, didn't bother me at all. I had a great time. 

anyway, on Thursday, we decided to go to ancona a day earlier, so on friday. Tonight, on this saturday evening, the first full day here, we decided to also leave a day earlier from this place. we really enjoyed it, the excitement in the harbour, right outside our window, the hotel, the people, the city. but somehow we're becoming more eager to go home every hour.  So, tomorrow we'll start our journey home. 


Jolanda: Laziness combined with deep enjoying this place, this moment, and me unfolding, focused on harmony and being present. Arigato.

Ruud: Today is a wonderful day. Besides my intentions of being present and aware, especially about my thoughts, it's my intention to relax, enjoy, and feel the joy and love when I explore the city. Grazie.

Results: For both of us, it was a very satisfying day, and our intentions were completely fulfilled. We deeply enjoyed the hotel and everything around it. At the same time, having made the decision to head back home tomorrow, maybe made that feeling even stronger. We loved Ancona, and we also are very eager to be back home and start working on the ideas we have, and let the creative juices flow. 

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