September 17th ( day 26)

The See Port Hotel in Ancona

View from 'our' roofterrace.

Deep gratitude for being here

Impression of our first moments in the hotel


Jolanda: Today is an amazing, fun and aligned day, full of enjoyment and beautiful unfoldings. Today I am deeply aware of how good life is when I am a cooperate component and when I give a clear signal to the Universe of what I want to experience. Arigato

Ruud: This is a really good day. Today, I intend to have fun traveling, feel good in our transition. I will be aware and present, enjoy myself, have pleasant experiences in everything that comes my way. Grazie.

Results: Sea Port Hotel Ancona. It's everything I wanted and more. We chilled on the roof terrace, looking over the busy harbour. A joyful contrast with the tranquality of Tuscany/Umbria. We have a simple but luxurious room, good wifi what is important because Ruud has a Zoom-call at 7PM.
I wanted to work some on the roof teracce, but a thunderstorm came along, what made  the amazing bar also a beautiful place to be too.

We both had enough contrast during the ride through the city, but it felt like an exam. We adjusted, focused on the pleasure and playfulness of driving through a new and very busy city.
Deep gratitude for being here and having the ability to deeply enjoy this moment. And many moments to come. That's a big contrast with our last two travels 2 years ago. And this was the big challenge we set for ourselves. To become more aware and enjoy whatever happens. Arigato. We've grown.

This is also the last night of my painting course with Nicholas Wilton. So valuable. So much learned. I will make a paper about it to remind myself because I forget during painting. I will post it here when ready.

3 days of luxury and some sightseeing ahead. Resting a bit after several sleepless nights to set ourselves up for (probably) the last part of our journey. Up North again.
Our 'work' is a bit accomplished. We are much more aware and present during the day and with what is around us. We have the opportunity to stay as long as we want, but we both feel the eagerness to jump into the next phase of our life. Ruud will start making music again and I have so much clarity of what I want with painting; I want a steady place to create and develop.
Thanks life. Thanks Universe. LIfe is good for us; and we learn every day to make it better. 

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