September 16th (day 24)

Last day in Mengaccini

Change of plans

Instead of staying a whole month here in this beautiful place, I realized, although the house and environment is beautiful, my difficulty with what comes with old houses: insects and discomfort, was 'bugging'😉 me.  combined with remembering my additional desire to see the Adriatic sea, made us decide to move to a beautiful hotel in Ancona tomorrow.

So, we leave the cats. The Umbrian/Tuscan surroundings, pack our bags and move to the East and we'll see from there, from the luxury of a hotel and city, where it will lead us.



Jolanda: Simplicity and Harmony are my focus points today.

Ruud: Today,I intend to feel excited about my expanding clarity, and getting new ideas from it. I will enjoy the perfection of this beautiful day, and feel into my well-being. Thank you. 😊

The Results:(J) So far a good day. Nice lunch,

Beautiful insights around painting and life; they are really close connected. And starting to organize our upcoming leave. And I had an amazing mastermind during lunch with Ruud. Things start to fall into place, or apart (old patterns/habits😀). Love now and love what is coming.

(R) Expanding clarity. I asked for it, so it was no surprise that reading chapter 15 of the Master Keys deliverd clarity, again. See the other item in this post about this. Our (not intended) lunch-out at Il Pino delivered the experience we like; lunch outside with a bunch of Italian workmen. Intention was a beautiful day and we got to have a great lunch outside, that was nice. I feel good about this day. I've learned a lot and I'm ready to start implementing it. Arigato. ❤

Many ruins don't do anything, but this one took me to a place long ago. A time when life was hard and people needed to protect themselves with meters thick stone walls. We are discovering that 'protection' comes from a place inside. Thoughts that lead to good or bad experiences. Thank God I live in the 21th century. (J)

Rocca di Pierle

We've spend the last 2 weeks in this area called 'val di pierle', named after this castle. we drove by it a couple of times with the intention of coming back later. So, on our last day, we decided to take a look.  A ruin, yes. But I always try to imagine what it must have looked like back then. This castle was first mentioned in the 10th century, so a looong history. It's not allowed to go in, too dangerous. But the immense structure was impressive enough.


The Master Key System

chapter 15 speaks about insight. In the Q&A section at the end of the chapter is this paragraph and that hit home the most with me. We have manifested a lot, also things that don't seem completed, stagnate, or dissappear. Suddenly i saw that we manifest a lot because the cause is good and we want it very much. On the other hand, by  thinking and talking a lot about the things that don't feel so good, we (i) throw sand in the machine. I've decided that from this moment on, i will be totally aware of which thoughts I entertain, which words I use and how I formulate what I say. 

I have the intention to follow Ruuds lead, although I'm not sure how to keep myself focused. To be continued. (J)

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