Beautiful Umbertide




Yesterday, we entered Umbertide by accident on our little tour. Today, we went back intentionally to enjoy the beauty and get some shoppings on the way back. 

Good choice. What an incredibly nice historic center, especially the Rocca, and the area along the river Tevere (Tiber), which flows all the way down to Rome.


My consiousness if filled with healthy, positive, loving and harmonious thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience.


Ruud's Intentions:
Today is a good day. I will be keenly aware of how I feel, and choose the highest vibe I have access to. I will embrace any contrast as a gift, something to choose from. I will enjoy this day, and keep my intentions in mind in everything I do. Arigato.

Jolanda's Intentions:  I start a little different today. I pick a few vibe to focus on today: Harmony, Playfulness, Excitement and Gratitude.

Result: (J) In a question in the Painting course came clear that the lack of playfulness stagnates the fun of creating. My change of intending came from Part 14 of the Master Keys; Clean your vibe by good feelings and by thinking positive thoughts. Intending, pondering and thinking positive aspects helps.
Somehow more specific intending didn't felt good and gives 'strange' effects sometimes. Then I remembered Hicks saying: "Intend general to feel good and from there you can fill in more specifics". If you do that to soon, it feels a bit off, and I think I experienced that. So, general and only one or a few vibrations. And since creating a Harmonious Mental Attitude is the exercise in Part 14, this seems a good start. 

Result(R) My intentions have (mostly) worked out pretty well, so far. I'm very happy and grateful for that, and I'm starting to see how it can change the course of my day. Especially if I remember to set intentions for segments. Just like it probably works the other way 'round, Jolanda's manifestations can also interfere with my intentions, I've noticed. Another 'bug' showed its ugly head to her tonight. I'm not focused on those creatures, but I get to experience the discord of it. Nevertheless, the large majority of my day was great. Even the relatively small supermarket alleys left me untouched. Actually, I enjoyed how people gave room to eachother.  And I really enjoyed driving back home through a mix of vineyards, and fields with corn or tobacco. Arigato.


Jolanda was pondering about a line in the book that says: "The individual is the means by which the Universal produces the various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena", and we got to talk about what it could mean. I thought about Hicks and Proctor who both speak about energy that flows to and through us. We are the creators, and with our predominant vibration we mold the energy that creates worlds. The Universe provides us with unlimited resources to do that. Cultivating a harmonious state of mind is key; practicing observation of our thoughts and choose the ones we want to keep. We could start doing that 2 or 3 times a day for 10 minutes; focus on what thoughts come in and choose. Just to make it a process that is experience in full awareness. 


A wonderful playlist to wake up to, or just enjoy an easy background while working on this journal.

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