September 13th (day 21)

The Countryside and a

Lunch in an Italian Heaven

Italian Heaven

We came in, on the beautiful terrace in the shade, on a table very tastefully dressed.
Sparkling white wine was opened with the most delicious bread and olive oil (Yep, forgot Keto).
The food was wonderful but the surroundings combined with such a considered staff.
30°C, but with a refreshing breeze and out of the sun.
Italian people around us who know how to enjoy a good meal.

This will be a place to keep coming (next time more Keto, I promise).


(This is something that keeps evolving. Todays version:)

  • Peace of mind and stillness through understanding life and my ability to go with the flow, being present and feeling satisfied.
  • Fun, Joy and Excitement in all kinds of areas
  • Creative flow and deep passion for creating
  • Living in comfortable, changing and amazing places
  • Harmony from surrendering, focus, gratitude and confident expectation.
  • Freedom: Physical, financial and mental so I can playful and natural.

Umbertide. A nice  city with old buildings. But what I liked most was the 'Sophia Loren' look of the houses. They brought me back to movies she played in. Real Italian. Or at least my picture of it.

"Harmony is: When you surrender/lean back to life, know that things will work out always and feeling grateful,

combined with a clear vision"
Jolanda Nelestijn


Jolanda: Fun and Joy during our trip and lunch. Beautiful surroundings, surprising things and enjoying life in the moment unconditional. I intend AHA-monets with the paint-course and a lot of eagerness to dive in. 

I intend nice and expansive conversations with insights and also AHA-moments. I intend experiencing Harmony and attracting it and also being present often. Arigato

Ruud: Today, I will look for things that make me feel good, make me laugh, and I will find them. I will see contrast as a gift, something to choose from and create even more beauty in my life. I intend to be grateful for the people, things, experencies and circumstances in my life. I will have fun driving, visiting beautiful spots and have a very satisfying lunch. Today, is a great day. Arigato.

Result (R): Wow, what a great Monday. A beautiful ride through the mountains in our area, gravel roads included, stuck behind a tractor moving a linnen closet 😊, paused for a delicious caffè at a local bar, got less stuck behind the same tractor 🤣, quick stop in Umbertide - we'll go back tomorrow - and an incredible lunch experience that Jolanda already shared, great call with a friend, figuring out how to take good pics of the incredible night sky here. Need I say more? I had fantastic day!

Result (J): I/we had an amazing lunch which felt so rich. also a great call, as Ruud mentioned and I realized the funny thing of not being hungry and just not eat much after lunch till lunch next day. The next stage of Keto? I heard about it, and I am less hungry, but this was new. Normally food rules your life. 3 times a day a meal and the preparation divids your day into pieces. Intermitting Fasting plus only eat when you're hungry end the ruling of food. Nice. A bit strange, but nice.

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