Easy Sunday

September 12th - Day 20

Today, we chose to stay in, just because we can. It was also nice to recuperate a bit from the challenge we had yesterday. You know, the (unintended?) exciting trip through the narrow streets.Picture that with our brand new SUV 😊 Anyway, a day of ease and flow, home-cooked lunch and dinner, Jolanda's painting course, Ruud's F1, study, contemplation, meditation. And a lot of enjoying and feeling good.



(R) Today is a wonderful day. I will gratefully receive all the good things that come my way. I intend to focus on my wellbeing and feeling good. I will be more aware of how I feel than ever before, and use the impulses of my inner guide to adjust when needed. Arigato. I will enjoy the ease, flow and fun on this amazing Sunday.

(J) Looking back on this beautiful Sunday I feel a deep gratitude and satisfaction for the life I can live and specifically this day. I feel fully at ease and comfortable and I love all the possibilities that this house has combined with the surroundings. I also love the paintings I'm working on and I love the creative flow I'm in. I love how I used every minute of my day in a satisfying and constructive way; either active or in repose or contemplation. Arigato.

Result J: I did paint and it was quite good. Not real flow, trying new things, but ok. Comfort and ease are topics to work on. I did spend many (several 🙂 ) hours in a constructive and satisfying way. In the mastermind with Ruud we did get more clarity about the 'simplicity' of life. A good day and my pre-paint course call is in an hour.

Result R: I like days like this. No 'musts', only 'cans'. I was looking forward to watch the F1 race today, and I did, but that's always a bonus for me, no priority. I did my morning routine, meditation, listened to Abraham, continued figuring out chapter 14 of the Master Keys, we masterminded about that, enjoyed the lovely weather, ate outside, treated the kittens with some leftovers. My vibe was good all day long. I was aware of how I felt and apart from that, I didn't feel I had to adjust anything. Very grateful and satisfied with this day. Grazie. 

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