September 11th - day 19

Discovering  a different part of Tuscany.

Just a short message since most of it is already mentioned in the "Intentions of the day". Just sharing a lot of pictures to keep the memory alive and make it easy to go back to this moment in time.


Jolanda: Today I intend to have an amazing time discovering beautiful new places. I intend a wonderful and comfortable place to eat an real Italian, Keto Lunch. Happiness and Harmony is what I also intend, together with a deeper understanding of the breakthrough of The Master Keys and life that is unfolding. About the inside and outside world.

Ruud:  This is a good day. Today, it's my intention to be aware and present, and feel gratitude for the beauty in my life, more than ever before. I will feel excited about our tour through one of the most famous regions of Italy. I intend to feel the most joy of this experience, and have a wonderful time driving, soaking up the scenery, walking, eating, drinking, dreaming, being really there. Grazie is almost an understatement for this incredible day.

Result: What to say about the result. We saw beautiful places and realized we were doing what we dreamed about all those months at home, 'locked down'. Driving through the countryside of Tuscany, Val d'Orcia, enjoying the scenery, the nice weather and just the Italian feel. SO, deeply grateful for that.
But... no nice lunch. In fact, no lunch at all since we had an interesting adventure and after that Italian lunchtime (between 12 and 2) was over.
The adventure: A wrong road brought us in the heart of Chianciano, a beautiful and ancient city. With narrow and even narrower streets. We managed to get out, with here and there literally barely 2 or 3 centimeters between our car and the walls of the old houses.

Very stressful, but a good lesson in intending. Normally when things like that happen I start a negative intention - "This won't work, we are in trouble". But it's just as easy to intend positive " Things are always working out for us. This will work out perfectly". And it did. Lesson learned.

The nice thing we realized by skipping lunch is that, on Keto, you are not really hungry. Of course, I was disappointed not to sit on a nice terrase in the shade enjoying a nice lunch, topped of with a black chocolat icecream. But it was not a big deal. We had some keto snacks at hand and a bottle of water and we made it home without lack of energy.

So, did our intentions worked? Not exactly, but we had a good and educational day, living the dream we visualized so much during the Covid-year. So, all good and we made already new plans to discover new areas. Arigato.

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