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September 10th - day 18


Città impression
Master Key System

Intentions for today

Ruud's intentions: Today is a great day to have a great day. I intend to enjoy my visit to Città in complete awareness and be present. I will have a good time walking, driving, shopping, eating, and everything else that comes on my path. Also, I will be open for new insights, new ideas, in learning, in creativity, wisdom. Today is a great day. Grazie. ❤

Jolanda's intentions: I intend freedom, comfort and ease. I intend excitement and fun. I intend something new and nice arriving in my life today where I'm very eager to learn more of. I intend to choose and maintain high vibrations. Arigato.

Result: (J) I'm going to start with a painting course so I will learn new things, but I got a glimps of another way of living/focusing when I studied the Master Keys this afternoon. Very curious and eager to dive deep.

I wrote: "Everything is beautiful if you put that in your mind".  That was exactly what happened on our travel to the shop today. Shopping went well and smooth and it was a treat to drive with our car. A good day and it's not over yet. The weather surprised us with some clouds, so no high temperatures. Comfortable.

(R) What an incredible satisfying day this has been. From beginning to end - or at least until now, 8pm - I had an amazing day. From the city tour to our mastermind about chapter 14 of the Master Keys, I enjoyed every minute of the day. Happy and grateful!

Yesterday's Antipasti


Our Keto adventure in Italyl turns out to be pretty easy,  if we set the right intentions and keep persisting in our choices. The lady at Mimmi knows us a bit already,  and why we choose as we choose. "No pasta? " was a very surprised question on day one, but after three visits she knows; no primo for us. Funny enough, although we explained about carbs, she keeps putting bread on the table. Luckily it's bread without salt in this region. Now I don't know about you, but I like a little more taste to it. The crunchy crust makes it tempting, but it's pretty easy to leave it alone. Antipasti and secondo, that's our meal. And maybe, just maybe, a dessert. That's also something she's not surprised about anymore.... "You can share one?" she says with a smile. That's a guess, the mask is hiding it, but her eyes are smiling. 

As Jolanda shared yesterday,  today we started with home-cooked meals as well. Not because we don't like to go out for dinner, but we want to keep it special. 

(J) Yes food is an interesting topic. We realized that going out for dinner every night, what we decided to do after our first Italian meal in 2 years, doesn't keep it special. A liitle FOMO and greet maybe made us decide to go out for dinner every night. The consequence was less Keto - not very bad, but still to much for every night.
So, we did shop totday and I meal prepped 2 days of food. That feels abundant too, having meals for the grasp in the fridge.


"My consiousness is filled with healthy, positive, loving thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience."

Impression of Città

We left early this morning to combine shopping and a city tour in the quiet and cool city. And that worked out perfectly well! What a beautiful town. Wandering through narrow alleys and fantastic piazzas, is a jump back into history. I read that this city was founded in the 8th century BC. That makes me humble. Of course, there's not much to see from that period, but from the Roman empire the remains are still there. My favourite (not Roman more medival) is the panorama I took inside one of the buildings on the other pics. The door was open, and I had no idea what kind of building it was. It just shouted at me to take a look. Wow, I'm glad I did. 

Master Keys

We talked about chapter 14 and got to the word 'harmony', that we're not very used to. But from different angles we found out that it contains a lot of the things taught in this book... Our method of thinking, constructive, positive,truth creative, focus, attention... Directing our thoughts this way, brings us in aligment, as Abraham would say,  with Source, our inner being. The dictionary explains harmonious as marked by agreement in feeling or attitude, forming a pleasingly consistent whole, congruous, pleasant to the ear, tuneful and melodious. Well, between those meanings we found what we need, I think; being in tune, aligned, feeling good.

Tomorrow where going for a drive in the countryside.
After 5 days staying home most of the time and being still and contemplating, we will discover beautiful places again tomorrow, driving towards Pienza. And I saw myself score a Italian dark chocolat icecream - really almost black. But delicious.
I guess Ruud goes for Gelato A Lemone.

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