September 23th (Home Again)

Recap from our journey down South

First night in Germany in Gasthaus Krapp

Then 2 nights in the Bacher Hotel, Austria

Followed by 4 nights in Ferrara

2 and a half weeks in Tuscany/Umbria

2 nights in Ancona

1 night Switzerland

And the last night in Hotel Wilhelm von Nassau, Germany

Arigato for the privilege to spend this month abroad, to open ourselves for growth and ultimate enjoying life.

What did we learn?

Our month traveling. What were our intentions/wishes and how did that work out?

This were the intentions and expectations on forehand.

Vision Traveling:
Experiencing carefree-ness, flow and ease during our beautiful and exciting adventures and travels. Luxury and enormous expansion and a lot of fun and ultimate satisfaction.
-- We experienced lots of carefreeness, flow and ease because we chose that experience. It was always a challenge not to expect in an old way (from doubt and what could happen). We had a lot of luxury but in another way than intended – our cashflows made us decide to do a little less than desired, which turned out perfectly and felt very abundant anyway. Fun and ultimate satisfaction, just because we choose this vibe, were certainly often in our life.

The ideal was that we would start traveling at 17 August 2021 with our L&C01, with amazing luxury and space for our hobby stuff, cooking gear and all we need for living. We are very focused on creating good causes and living our best life; creating perfect stays, meals, surroundings and above all; we are intensely happy, grateful and satisfied with all that's coming our way and adjust when needed.
-- We started a week later because we could pick up our Lynk&Co 01 the 19th and wanted to get used to it first. There was room for everything, we did focus on the good life, the best expectations and had the best experiences from a lot of awareness and gratitude. We found a few nice restaurants to eat (mostly) Keto, delicious and also authentic.

L&C01 to bring our travels to new levels.
Abundant means to fulfil our desires and feel free to step into beautiful adventures.
The freedom to live light, playful and active; physically and mentally.
Living in amazing, luxurious places to make happiness and expansion easy and joyful.Waking up purposeful and eager to be creative and do fulfilling things.
Meeting highflying co-creators to bring life to a next level of joy and appreciate all the beauty around us.
-- Not every box was ticked here, didn’t see much highflying co-creators, at least not in real life, but we did in several Zoom-calls. Luxurious places was a little less by choice, but it felt amazing anyway. And luxury is kind of a label; stillness, amazing night skies with countless stars, having the privilege to take care of 4 kittens for 2 weeks and having my own studio for a while was very luxurious. Just like our 2 nights in Ancona; breakfast on the roof terrace in the already warm morning wind. Amazing dinners in the restaurant. Deep satisfaction and enjoying life here.

How to go further from here?

An important part of this journey was becoming more present/aware, and intentional. How did that go? Just like studying the Master keys?

This worked out so well. We came a long way, developed ourselves so quick during this month. The uncertainty that traveling brings, made us extra eager to intend smoothly experiences.

And that was mostly the case, especially when we were on top of it.
things that challenged us, made us react differently. instead of pushing through, we stopped, redirected our thoughts or researched our expectations and everything went well.
The biggest challenge; finding the perfect house for our month stay in the countryside was the most difficult.

We both made a checklist of which boxes we wanted to be ticked. But less then 24 hours before we needed to move in, in …….. we had no clue where to go. There was no direction. We couldn’t find anything that came close. And the way we wanted to find this house, by following hunches, didn’t work out.
So, that last day in Ferrara we decided to go to a house that I, at one point a while before, put in my Airbnb list. Didn’t do much research. It looked great, authentic and still a bit modernized. And it was. The place was amazing, the house too if you love authenticity.  But I did forget my number one priority in this area; I wanted to stay in a kind of luxurious minimalistic place like our apartment at lake Garda from a few years ago.

 In an old building, but totally new. Not big, but a new and bright bathroom, clean white kitchen – all modern.

This house was a beautiful place and I enjoyed the Patio I used for my writing in the morning, my studio on the first floor with stunning views, and the surroundings with trees to find shade from the delicious but hot sunshine. We had a good time, but after 2 and a half week I wanted to leave and find more luxury.
It was logical that the house didn’t ticked all, or at least the most important boxes; our preparation wasn’t good and deciding in a rush is never a good idea. But if you want a nice, authentic experience, please go to this beautiful house; it really had much to offer.

Ok, the house was the most difficult. A point to work on next time. The rest was amazing. We had so much good experiences. Intending every day, focus on feeling good, no matter what, and being grateful for being in all these amazing places made it all a complete different experience then our 2 months in  Sardinia 2 years earlier, when we were very unaware and only focused on the next moment, next adventure, next place to stay.

Being home again, we see how much we’ve grown in our new selves; more aware, present, happy and able to stay in a good vibe most of the time. This journey gave everything we wished it would be. And more.

1.Intending, training our mind, having clear desires and stick to it, more deliberate manifesting, having positive expectations, living light and grateful, expanding our creativity; yes in all areas there is progress.

2.Working on the website every day to have a task and a focus? Was ok, but not as much fun as we thought. It did keep us focused on our ‘mind-work’ though.

3.We did set up 3 new income streams in these weeks, abundance is flowing and we worked on our money mindset. WE are more allowing and relaxed now.

4.Purposeful-er? Having a purpose and goals became simpler. More from the Science of getting rich-side. Your biggest purpose needs to be to make the most of yourself; for yourself and others. Our study helped a lot to move in that direction and it gives relief to see our purpose that way.
a painting-class gave some clarity too; “Art and creativity is a way where your soul guides you to grow and become more”. That was very helpful and made it more important to develop my art and Ruud his music.

5.Our Lynk&Co 01. Yes, it’s ‘just’ a car, but it brought us so much joy and high vibes. To drive in a car like that is amazing, but how the car came on our path and what a perfect treat it is that we may use it as long as we want. We really used it to up our vibe and ponder it, to make it more.

6.Our vibration became more steadily high and from there it was easier to stick to the high vibe or come back if things were not exactly as we wanted. Intending will stay a good habit. Being grateful and focus on harmony and other high vibrations during the day is almost/already a steady habit. 

I often use the phrase from Neville Goddard to intend; “What do I want from life?”

7.Study the Master Keys. This will be an ongoing process and it made such a difference already. We are eager to keep growing (back to our natural state) and see how life is from that place.

8.Our life becomes more deliberate. At least vibration-wise. Nice things are coming our way and we’re open for new things and more alignment.

Important for the upcoming time here in Holland:
1.Enjoy every moment and keep evolving this skill

2.Develop our creativity from a more spiritual place

3.Seeking more silence and spending more time in our inner world.

4.Developing better mind skills to change our life from inside.

5.Developing a different take on exercising. Make it pleasurable.

6.Surrendering and allowing, more peace and letting things happen from a good place instead of making things happen.

7.Never analyze. Just choose anew.

Yes, this was a very good journey. Looking forward to spend time at home till we are ready for our next adventure.


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