Travel journal

Our daily travel journal from our journey to Italy in an intentional way from deliberate creating our experiences instead of waiting for things to happen.

Recap of our time down South

We’re back home. Time to recap and reflect on this journey. Did everything work out as we intended? What did we learn? And how will me move on forward from here?

September 19th/20th/21st (day 27-28-29)

Two and a half day of driving, enjoying, feeling good, practicing awareness, intending… In other words. We are home safe and we look back very satisfied and grateful.

September 18th (day 26)

A day in Ancona. Beautiful city, a lot of excitement compared to where we have been the last few weeks. Great to experience that. Decision made, tomorrow we’ll start our journey back home.

September 17th (day 25)

Today, we moved from our Tuscan farm house to a modern hotel right at the Ancona harbour, called Seeport Hotel… You can see the port.. and the sea… 😉 Someone very creative came up with that name.

September 16th (day 24)

Our last (full) day here in our palazzo; we’re leaving tomorrow. We have enjoyed and it and are now looking forward to the next phase. Quick tourist trip to an ancient castle nearby.

September 15th (day 23)

We don’t lay on our back watching the blue skies, don’t worry. But we take time to relax, study, contemplate, mastermind, connect with friends. Jolanda had a few calls today, and I worked on this post, and I did a check on our passive income streams. We enjoyed the great food at Mimmi’s once more.

September 14th (day 22)

We haven’t done it before, but now we went back to the same town we were yesterday; Umbertide. Intentionally, because the short visit yesterday already showed us that this town has a lot of history.

September 13th (day 21)

A lovely day with a nice tour, and maybe the highlight of the day; an incredible lunch at Ristorante Girasolil, just 15 minutes from our home.

September 12th (day 20)

A day of ease and flow, home-cooked lunch and dinner, Jolanda’s painting course, Ruud’s F1, study, contemplation, meditation. And a lot of enjoying and feeling good.

September 11th (day 19)

Sightseeing… Tuscany at its best, cruising through the Val d’Orcia, olives, vineyards, cypresses, pine trees, amazing views, super narrow street adventure, skipped lunch, and practicing intentions… All in all a beautiful, exciting and challenging day.