Location independence. Masterminding and brainstorming about our coming trip south. About this website and our goals. 

It takes a bit longer than usual lunch. And I love it. 


Last May, we've signed up for a totally new concept of driving / having a car; we put ourselves on the waiting list for the brand new Lynk & Co 01.

We asked for delivery in July, but the support team let us know that it would probably - more like hopefully - be August. Well OK, we're planning to travel to Italy from the 17th of August. Are we taking our temporary rental car or what?

A few weeks ago we started a visualization, 3 times a day, to work on our mental image and see everything as it is in place like we want it. Including our 01.

We feel gratitude for the great in-between car we are driving now, and we kind of settled for traveling with that one. But maybe we come back early when the new one is available.

So, did we let go of the outcome? I think so, more or less.

Why? A few days back, we were having a great outdoor lunch with friends, when an email came in.... If we wanted to place our definite order for the 01! We've focused on it, and then let it be. And there is was.

From what we've seen form other 01 drivers, it usually means about 2 weeks to deliver the car, after ordering. So, we've decided to wait for it so we can enjoy it on our travel south.


It's probably more than 1.5 year ago that we sat down in a restaurant for lunch and work. And that's what we did today, on this happy Monday!

Feels like a celebration! Our favorite local spot, super friendly and smiling staff , great location.

Isn't it great to be able to make our own choices?! Grateful for our freedom and enjoying the outdoor inspiration. 


Lynk & Co's CEO Alain Visser created a special playlist with his favourite mix of new and old. A great way to get in the vibe already! 

May we present to you; The Lync & Co 01

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