Another day in paradise

August 30th (day 7)


It's never too late to be what you might have been.
- George Elliot -


Purposeful living

This is such a thing for us for since we joined SFM. Why do you want what you want? Without a why you live like a ship without a captain, just wandering around.

Every now and then the question arises again and this time The Master Keys triggered it again.
I quote “ Fertilize thought with a living PURPOSE”. “Without special object (purpose) most of time and thought are wasted”. “If you don’t have a clear focus(purpose) your mental picture, that what attracts will be blurry”. “No clear purpose gives chaotic outcomes and has often also loss of wealth as a consequence”. Need I say more?!

And then something else kicked in. Our knowledge from The Science of Getting Rich, which has a lot of similarities with The Master Keys. I quote again “ The best you can do for yourself and the world is to make the most of yourself”.

We both have passion for traveling/staying in beautiful places. We are creative, also want to develop ourselves and create more understanding and an easier way to manifest. We love beautiful things and luxury but not possessing and maintaining it. We love to be of service to others in a uplifting way. And we love to ‘make’ money/wealth in a spiritual way.

At first this all seems quite ‘selfish’. But what if our perspective was wrong.
* If we create more money to travel and stay in beautiful places many people will benefit from the money we spend.
* Create in any way, shape or form is good for our souls and who knows in what way others will benefit from it.
* A bigger understanding of life helps us to live ‘better’ but is also been seen by others. Our example can inspire others.

* We love to serve in an uplifting way and have always our eyes open to do that when asked.
* The more money/wealth we create, the more we can create situations that help us progress. The more we make MORE/MOST of ourselves.

In other words:
Our purpose....

By making the most of ourselves, we can be of most benefit for others/the world too.

And this time I will really implement it. I /we came earlier to the same conclusion, but forgot it again. But this is too important to forget.

We started the day with a 'roundabout' in Ferrara. Beautiful city

Faith & Trust; the big challenge.

We want to do things intentional and we want to attract experiences from clear pictures/thoughts/desires.

The biggest challenge so far is our month stay we want to start tomorrow. But we have no clue where to go. Although; we described a clear picture in one of the last blogs. We pondered, did visualize and then it became the day before….. No hint so far. We started to search for something in the old way – Airbnb, Casamundo, Hometogo etc. Why?

That’s a good question. We did manifest amazing things the past years, also with traveling. But mostly/always by accident. We know we can do it, we did manifest the places we stayed and are staying with great satisfaction.

But for the month we raised the bar quite a bit.

And it’s difficult to go back to our clear intention with time flying though our hands and ‘no place to go’ (let’s make it dramatic 😊).

So, we decided to give ourselves more leeway. If we don’t have a clear idea tomorrow, we let the universe lead the way, just find a place for 1 or more nights and relax.

Focus now and then on what we want and why; I for example want to experience a longer period in nature, in minimalistic luxury with a swimming pool or water. Good circumstances to create new habits and unleash my creativity more. And grow back to my natural state – the state we were born in.

So, the pressure is off. Just enjoy this marvelous day, the good weather and energy flowing. Being productive but also lazy and let life fill in the details.


Jolanda: Today, I dedicate to trust... Trust in my ability to know and allow what I want, and trust in the fixed universal laws which will bring me whatever I want, and often more, if I'm able to create a clear picture of my desire. I intend this day as a happy, joyful and fun day. Playful and full of ease, study and creativity, and also lazy and happy. I intend to feel strong, fit, and very flexible in every sense of the way. Arigato.

Ruud: Today, is a really good day. It's my intention to get clarity about our 4-week stay, my purpose, desire, goals, and what to focus on, and feel very good about what comes up. It's great to know that everything is always working out for me. I intend to have fun along the way, also when we mastermind about our unfoldments. I intend to get better and better every day, and keep attracting what I want. Thank you.

Result: We both got clarity about the things we wanted clarity about. First of all, we realized that we put together a whole list of things (call it conditions) that we wanted to have ticked, but not exactly the essence of what we want and why we want it. From there, we pinpointed our purpose, again, made it more 'us'. That led to the next thing, that we changed our (difficult) approach for our next stay. At the end of the day, we found it. Our intentions for today worked out pretty well, because we also had fun in the process, we felt very grateful and happy. On top of that we were also pretty lazy. Arigato.

Setting new intentions base on our new why for the house worked out. Separate from each other we wrote down the things that were most important to us. And after doing that, and discussing the overlap in things, it went quick. Pretty quick we had a shortlist of 2 places, and one just fell off because of the location.

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