Our second day in Ferrara. What a beautiful city. Most of the ancient city walls are preserved and open for public in a park-like environment. And it's so lovely and quiet there... 


How big are the odds that I would look left exactly at the moment that this sign was there? That's divine timing. When the vibe is high , things like this happen. Is it important? Yes, cause it is a measurement that things are going well. And evidence how the universe likes to surprise and delight me. Arigato


The Po plain is flat. And big. And beautiful. Today, we went for a drive along it, towards its delta. Easy going on the river dike which is mainly for bikers and hikers. But a wonderful trip and great views on both sides. Towards the north you can see the Alps in the distance. 


Ruud's Intentions:
Today is a good day. I intend to have a lovely drive together, exploring and enjoying the Po area, discover beautiful places, and picnic at a perfect spot. I will feel good this day, and I love knowing that I get to choose what to focus on. I will be aware of what I say and think, with the intention to talk only about what I want. This is me on my path, going with the flow, focusing downstream. Grazie Abraham. ♥️

Jolanda's Intentions:  This is a day full of beauty and new surroundings. Full of wonder and being present with all I discover and experience. It is, again, a day with ‘all the time in the world’, with loads of energy and feeling free and fit. This day is filled with fun, happiness and deepening of my understanding of how life really works. This day I release old patterns and old ways of thinking, which did prevent me from following my impulses. This is an extremely good day in many, many ways. Arigato.

A beautiful day, beautiful weather, a beautiful trip along the river Po. 
Me, J,got further in my understanding how life/thougth works and starts to get result with a very simple way of dealing with things that doesn't work out as I want. Just think of what you do want; create a good new thought/picture and then surrender to the current situation. That's necessary because the current situation is the result of previous thoughts, so fighting against gives more of the same thoughts that caused the current (undesirable) situation. Pick a new thought to make the future better and leave the current one alone. Now I understand better what Hicks tells about it. Your current reality is actually Past Tense.

We also came into a discusion about purpose what eventually gave much clarity.
And we made a 'mess' about finding a new place for a month, but learned a good lesson of it the next day.


In chapter 12 of The Master Key System we came across this paragraph:

"But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal to-day, another to-morrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material."

We asked ourself how clear-cut and sharp our ideal actually is. What is our purpose? I usually think that I have it clear, but in conversations like this, I can't really say it's deeply embedded. Jolanda started asking thought provoking questions. Not just for me, but meant for her self as well.  Interesting conversation and the outcome was interesting, too. A new (or old) purpose did unfold. See next blog.


A while ago Jolanda asked me to create a video with our own footage that we can use for meditation and just to feel good. Beautiful clips from our own journey. 
We both liked it so much that we posted it on our YouTube channel.

A GREAT day in many ways

Learned a lot about changing my vibe about things not going the way I wanted.
It’s all about Thinking Truth and, like Abraham says: Leaving things in a higher place.
Your current reality is the result of former thoughts.

  • We had a wasp invasion during lunch. But instead of being irritated I tried to find a new thought – “I love to eat relaxed and happy”.
  • This one is from a few days ago. Traffic – “I love driving steadily and going with the flow”.
  • Backpain – “ I love to feel so fit and relaxed”.

This way I stay away from irritation and creating more resistance.
I feel better.

The next experience must be different, since I thought a new thought; a new point of attraction.
Just experimenting, but it becomes clearer and clearer that life might be a lot easier then I thought.

What I experience is that setting intentions, especially in the morning becomes easier. Like I didn’t came much further then – feeling good and having fun a while ago, I now can dive deeper in what I want from this day.
But also during our trip along river the Po. Was it the most beautiful river I ever seen? No. But I chose to deeply enjoy every moment and it became a very beautiful experience.

Other things today?
I practiced intense stillness from part 12 in the Master Keys. Felt good.

I thought of a keto=recipe with pasta sauce: salad with parmesan, a hamburger or meatballs, lot’s of mushrooms and a bit of onion and garlic and some tomato sauce. Jammy. Topped of with a nice wine. It was another good meal

Another nice wine was intensely enjoyed.

We had perfect weather today.

A very funny word Abraham Hicks used in a YouTube

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