This is a very important lesson for me (J). Things I want will flow into my life in most easy and surprising ways at the perfect time, when I stop COMPLAINING, JUSTIFYING, BLAMING, or FEELING GUILTY or ANGRY. Even though on the surface I think I don't do these things anymore, I still now and then hear/see/feel myself doing one of those. Often desguised in some way. Good to stay focused on this lesson.

Beautiful Ferrara


Ruud:  This is an amazing day. Today, I will feel good exploring Ferrara, walking with ease and flow, enjoying, discovering beautiful gems, effortless finding the best spots. Driving, walking, shopping.... will all be effortless and fun. I will be aware and present all day long, and find that really being somewhere is just a matter of choosing.

Jolanda: I have all the time in the world and that does reflect in everything I do today; no rush, being present and enjoying single everything. I create, write, study and contemplate. I'll enjoy this nice and comfortable place. I feel great; fit, energized and eager to make the most of this day. I love all I saw and experienced today and looking back I'm deeply satisfied. Arigato. P.s. This was another abundant day, money is flowing in to enjoy and use to make more of it for all kinds of purposes for ourselves and others.

Results: Ruud, all boxes ticked, except driving. Jolanda, it was amazing how 'all the time in the world worked out, satisfying, abundant (Saterday payday with CashFX).
So, another great day.

INTENTIONS for our next 'HOME'.

Ruud: Which boxes do I want ticked from our new stay for the next 4 weeks? Well equiped modern kitchen - Convenient parking on premise - Car charger - Luxury bathroom with spacious shower - In nature, a little remote but also at walking distance of a small town with some shops/bar - great view - vineyards - olive trees - nice garden/terrace - swimming pool - working spaces for both of us - airco/heating - big and comfortable bed - lovely people around us - 2 or 3 bedrooms - room to invite people to stay with us - lovely weather - sunny and 22-26°C - great for walking - easy accessible house - first floor and 2nd - good quality wifi and 4G - great living area and kitchen - surprisingly affordable

Jolanda: This longstay is a luxurious, minimalistic house; a combi of the appartment we lived for a month at Lake Garda en the hotelroom in Bosa. Or something even more amazing. Outside it has the ease and flatness of Lake Garda, nice lounge couches and enough shade. Also a natural feel/space/river like Hunemo (norway); easy access to clear water for swimming and easy to walk, with nice places to sit and enjoy the surroundings. It is quiet and has an isolated feel, but is only a walk away from a nice, small town with a 'Boscetto' or 'Torchio' for lunch or dinner and for enjoying the nice terrasses. There is also a system to reload our car effortless and on top of all this it's very affortable so that we have lot's of money left for financial growth during this period in Italy. We found our piece of paradise in an amazing way and this place definately will be on our list to return to often. Arigato

Results:(Comes the latest Tuesday the 31th)

Another great Keto meal, ordered in town, with Caprese at first and a bit of wine. Perfect

Resting day, although that was yesterday. For me it still felt a bit that way. Full of energy, I started this day and done a lot from the intention “To have all the time in the world”. And that worked out great. Around 10 in the morning I finished most of my list of things I wanted to do. And I realized something was different. Several times in the morning I was surprised that it was only 9 or 10 cause I did a lot and I felt I was awake for a long time. And without costing me much energy, what often is the opposite when I try to make things happen and get frustrated because time runs through my hands. This intention worked very well.

Looking back, many did since we’re traveling. Especially those who are clear and, relative, simple. But also traveling after severe backpain the day before and still when leaving. This intention performed (can you explain it that way) very well too.

Insight from Hicks .

Was listening to a YouTube from hicks about “Think only on what you want” and stop explaining why it’s not there yet or who isn’t a cooperate component.

The biggest nugget, although it’s a very powerful video, was that squabbling about something that doesn’t work, holds back what you do want.

Example: If you want more money, but the source you think it needs to come from doesn’t delivers, stagnates everything. Making a problem of what doesn’t work will stagnate all sources that can deliver the money instead.

That’s big.

And kind of dumb in my case, since I have so much proof that things often work out totally different (and much better) when I let the universe do where it’s good at. Income-sources, places to live or stay during travelling, relationships. Everything I TRY to figure out and accomplish on my own, takes a lot of energy and gives, at best, a very mediocre result. The video is here somewhere.

The lizard and the Beetle.

After lunch I sad in the sun and suddenly my eye catched a cute little lizard, warming up in the sun. Suddenly he was fighting with a big Beetle, much to big, in my eyes, for such a small creature. But he not only won, he ate most of it also. My picture of that little, cute lizard was vanished. But then I realized this lizard prevented this big beetle from entering our kitchen and made me aware to close the door to prevent this in the future.

Shifting perspective is so much fun.

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