August 26th (day 3)

Resting day

Manifesting is easily taken for granted, especially when you don't pay attention.

A day of rest - study - preparing for the next leg.

This day started with an amazing view from our bedroom window. The intention to have a quiet day was not only to take a break from driving all day. We also intended to do some study and contemplate on the next stage of our trip. In the evening we asked ourselves WHY we wanted to travel so far south deep into the heel of Italy, when there's so much to explore nearby. Thinking about a choice makes the choice a lot easier, aware. In no-time we knew that we would stay in the area between Bologna, Florence and Genove. (roughly) Dreaming of this travel for so long, blindsighted us a bit, we think. A travelless 2020 created a sort of FOMO, and we believed that we could satisfy that with going as far as we go. Luckily we came to our senses. Together.

From tomorrow, we'll be staying in Ferrara for 4 days. After that, the destination will be found in the area I just mentioned. Our intention is to find a longterm stay to relax, study, be creative, and give space for transformation.(See below)

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Transformation and brain cells.

"Why is it impossible for the mind to grasp an entirely new idea? Because we have no corresponding vibratory brain cell capable of receiving the idea."
from "The Master Key System"

A real epiphany. This made so much sense, looking at our growin pains in the past couple of years. When you do new things, you need to create new brain cells to conceive the new ideas.

For instance, when we started with SFM, we got a new circle of influence, who inspired us  to see things in a different way. We were excited and scared at the same time. It took so much effort to move forward. Now we see that we missed so much vibratory alike brain cells, and they needed to grow first before we could grow and start changing our life.

In other words, we needed to grow brain cells to understand and adopt new ideas. 

We knew all the time that new things take time to adjust to, that momentum has to be build, and that we need to be persistent. Now, we finally the mechanism behind it. 

"Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation

- Thomas Troward -  


Jolanda: I love to be still and present. I love deeper understanding, growing to wisdom. I love to be together and choose good things, all the time. I love how we prepare ourselves for the next 5 days. I love being so abundant to be able to live this way. I love to have such great people around me. And I love to live with my love, that's Ruud. I love the inspiration for studying and creating today, and I love how newness starts to kick in and starts to open new and amazing doors. 

Ruud: Today, I will enjoy being where I am. Be present and aware of all the beauty around me. I will eat the most delicious food today, in a keto friendly way. I intend to focus on things I want and on feel-good surprises that come my way. I will enjoy walking and being in nature. I intend to get clarity about our next stay in Italy. My main focus is to feel good.

Result: As far as Jolanda's intentions go, she realizes now that she didn't put enough energy to keep up alignment with the high-flighing-ness of her intentions. So there were nice moments. However, struggle and hurry were dominant, for no appearant reason, by the way. And if she would have been more aware at the moment, readjusting would have been a piece of cake for her. But she just didn't pay attention. And who knows, maybe her sudden backpain later in the afternoon was a sign of being out of tune?
For me (Ruud) it was an amazing day and all the boxes got ticked. I even got to play 'roomservice-boy' and bring Jolanda's dinner to the room. 😊

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