August 25th (Day 2)

Auf geht's! (Let's go)

Different choice
We decided to not choose the common route along Munich, but an alternative moreeast. That also meant not all motorway but also smaller local roads. That took longer but it also brought us to some beautiful new places. Which we feel grateful for. For example, by surprise we drove through through an ancient city gate and found ourselves on this amazing square in Tittmoning. 

No book study today. Yet, the universe delivered some lessons in a different way, I guess more practical. It's up to us what we do with it. 

We had not decided yet, if we wanted to extend our stay to 3 or 4 days. So, the universe decided to help us a little. After dinner tonight, I asked the boss-dirndl if it would be possible at all, but they're fully booked from Friday on. So that's an easy decision; we'll leave for Italy on Friday morning.

A room with a fantastic view in Katschberg Austria

Being disconnected in this digital world is a weird experience. Travelling with no paper road maps is normal for us. But we always rely on our internet connection. Today, 2 phones AND the car were blank.... No 3G, no 4G, no 5G... no nothing..... For a while, that is. Sometimes we had connection, and sometimes we did not. We decided to stop at a Rastplatz and contemplate about the issue. Could it have something to do with being less connected ourselves? With our destination or intentions? Our inner guidance? I (R) suggested to stop analyzing what could be the reason but choose deliberately and decide what we want. After that, it got better and better by the mile.

P.S. It turned out that mobile internet in Germany (and probably Austria as well) is not like we are used to have it back home. Or doesn't exist at all, especially in the country side. 😊

Old fashioned 'Gemutlichkeit' bie Gasthof Bacher

How come that both days, at the end, feel wobbly and at the same time works out exactly as we wanted it? Coincidence or not, I (R) had a hunch both times and we didn't follow it but chose the other way. And in the end, we came back to where we were at the time of the hunch.... Following it would have saved us some of the hassle.


Ruud: Today is a really good day. It's my intention to create perfect driving conditions, have smooth and flowing traffic, see beautiful surroundings, enjoy fresh mountain air, see dirndls, find a great place to stay for 2 nights, with lovely peeps and lovely food. 

Jolanda: I love our new stay for 2 nights in Austria. Clean mountain air, spectaculair nature, ease, comfort, good food, and deep gratitude and satisfaction. Our trip was amazing, and lots of being and fun along the way.

Result: For both of us the day was rewarding and challenging at the same time. Nevertheless, our intentions almost all worked out. We just got some extra bonusses, see the other items in this post. But we found our dream place with fresh mountain air, comfort, good food, spectaculair views. So everything worked out for us, again. One small other thing... If you intend for only 2 nights and later on you ask for 1 or 2 extra nights, it's almost inevitable that the answer is 'no'. 🤣


We had a nice talk with the nice lady who prepared our breakfast this morning. She was surprised we ate no bread, we explained that it had to do with carbs and sugar, and we got to talk about keto. She was was very open and interested in it, and brought us fried eggs, ham, cheese, coffee and tea. In the evening we had a traditional meal at our current stay on the Katchberg in Austria. We had our meal with almost zero carb and decided to share a very small dessert. But delicious it was. So, another successful keto travel day.

Just before we left from Germany this morning.

What's next? 

We discussed our options for Friday and beyond. We'll sleep on it, and trust that the answers will come during a fantastic night rest. Tomorrow, we'll wake fit and eager, excited about all the clarity we got during the night.

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