Day 1 of traveling on Keto and it went pretty well.  Or, let's say we made a calculated choice to cheat a bit with a small portion of the frence fries. I had a sweet white wine - 4 carbs and Ruud a biggg bear of at least 4 carbs. But, rest of the day we spend mostly carb-less.

Car packed, we in a good vibe. Let's go!


Ruud: Today, I am feeling good. My intentions are to enjoy driving, having smooth traffic, great conditions, ease and flow in getting  parking and good rest spots. I will effortlessly find this amazing place to stay the night and eat fantastic food.

Jolanda: This ia a day full of ease and flow. A day I practiced being present so good and a day that was a good example of how easy, fun and simple life can be when living on a highflying and joyful disc. Arigato.

Result: Travelling and everything else went very smooth and we found a nice and 'gemutlich' stay with simple and good food. Stepping over little hurtles was easy, since I see clearly that I attrected them and I can choose again for a new experience. Further details somewhere beneath.


It was a great day with some learning points and things to adjust to. The traveling went pretty well and we enjoyed our new car. Several new tech-things made it all much smoother and controlled. A part of it was challenging. In Holland we mostly drive 100 km per hour, but in Germany in many places you may drive as fast as you want. Cars come across us like bullits. That asks more focus, for example and quick 'escapes to the right lane. This speed, combined with less driving practice in the Covid-year, a new car, highways hill up and hill down and a lot of trucks made it challenging for me (J), less for Ruud.

STAY no.1

In an other part of this post Jolanda explained how we ended up here, but we like it very much. Traditional 'gem├╝tlichkeit' is what we asked for, and we got it. 

Then it was 3 o'clock and time to find a stay for the night. A good thing to play with our intentions. We made intentions for the week already and it was only a small reminder of what we wanted to experience. Nice, cute, traditional. Not fancy but comfortable. But Ruud changed the game by suggesting we would look for a stay 'analoog' - not digital. That was fun, especially when our wifi totally disappeared in one of the little villages we passed. Be careful what you wish for.

So, no wifi and we came across a nice 'Gasthof'. Ruud went in to ask and even needed to pin money instead of paying with 'plastic'. More analoog wasn't possible. But it's exactly what we intended. 

Other interesting things happened, mainly in my mind. We prepared oursleves for traveling by figuring out what rules were active in the countries we wanted to travel through. Masks again. At first it felt like going back, since they are no longer necessary in Holland, but it felt quite save wearing them in 'strange' surroundings. Just a matter of changing perspective and peace was back.

Traveling and driving had two other things. 
First; Ruud thought back to the last time he drove on non-Dutch roads - the way to Sardinia. During our stay his licence expired and it took ages to get a new one. All that time I did the driving. There was gratitude for having the ability to drive again, even though it is limited.

And another drive thing was that I started to worry. It started to feel unsafe with those 'bullet-German' drivers and I saw how I did went from confidence about our trip to worry. I tried to make it lighter, what wasn't possible. Distraction and being aware was all that I could do since the worry-momentum was to strong.
Later on it went better. I started to relax and probably from there, attracting better/lighter thoughts.

So, conclusion. It was an amazing first day and it's not even over yet.
A good travel, a nice stay, good food, picnic in the sun and a beautiful sunset. Yes, this first day ticked a lot of (intended) boxes, if not all.

Jolanda & Ruud

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