August 23rd

we are ready

We are ready. Meal prep for the coming days done this morning. Packing done during the day, including the car, except a few final details. We have our keto lunches with us.

Besides our individual, daily intentions, we wrote down intentions for the week, together. Deliberately focusing on what you want to experience makes the difference. I realized it when Jolanda reminded me of how general or specific I choose to be, determines the outcome. Thank you darling.

It was our last day at home. It was a full day, and on the other hand I think it was pretty relaxed. No pressure. Everything under control. We can take the evening to relax, to finish our post, to talk, be quiet, contemplate. In the morning we'll be fit and eager to leave around 7am, so rise and shine before 6am.



Ruud: Today, it’s my intention to feel good in everything I do, and doing all of it with effortless ease and fun. So when I do the household chores, packing, walking, shopping, cooking, car wash, CFX, LOA call... I will constantly choose the vibe I want. This is a new day. ♥️

Jolanda: Excitement and flow; clarity over financial path and clear focus on ease and faith in myself and the universe/universal laws. Faith/strength/focus/gratitude.

Results: Some excitement over new financial strategies. Getting out of the rut somehow. Start doing some research where I can do more of the next days of driving (the pieces that Ruud will drive). Clear focus and faith? I will pay some attention on that; do some contemplation after a busy, and a bit shattered, day.
Ruud? He mentioned he did had a perfect day. All boxes ticked. SO, a bit leisure time and early to bed.

Austria, here we come


Not much to say. Packing, last shopping, more packing, food preperation.
It's just time to go. One night of sleep and then we start to intend our way through Europe. Looking forward to it in so many ways.

This Week

Our intentions for the first week are to find nice places to stay, with old fashioned 'gemütlichkeit', comfortable big beds and thick duvets in classical German/Austrian style. We want to discover satisfying and surprising keto food. We want to enjoy our 01, have ease and flow in driving, parking, traffic, eating. We intend to be very aware and present, and enjoy our surroundings, surprises and luxury from that state of mind. We want to feel the flow of love and gratitude. We want to experience fresh mountain air, sunshine, a fresh breeze, 25 °C. We want to experience the Italian atmosphere again that feels like coming home; the lovely mix of beautiful scenery, 'recognition', and effortlessy following our inner guidance to incredible places. We want to attract experiences from our high flying disc; vineyards, olive trees, cypresses, lemon trees, prosciutto, blue skies, Mediterranean, caffè, gelato... and enjoy it all mindfully.

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