22ND of august ( 2 days before day 1)

"thought creates form, but it is feeling that gives vitality to thought."

- judge thomas troward -

To-do lists to get us ready to go south

Transition blog  from

21 and 22 august

21 August.
What a day. Packing, driving, driving after 7 PM because we can drive 130km per our instead of 100. Loving the discovery of our new car and pondering the amazing manifestation of it; the universe created a brand new mobility concept especially for us. We had no idea we wanted something like the Lynk&Co 01 till we realized what it was. And that it was more then the perfect unfolding of our desire to live with as less possessions as possible, but luxurious and abundant, adjusting when our desires would change.

Worked till 11.30 on our blog, just because it's ok. Just because the inspiration was there and nice ideas flow in. I love how life becomes more free by the day and that freedom comes in so many shapes and forms. Life is like constant experiencing new parts of it and of ourselves. The more aware I'm from that, the more I recognize it.


Lecce, one of the places on our list


Ruud's Intentions:
Today, will be the best day of my week, maybe better than ever before. I will be aware of how I feel, and adjust when needed. I intend to stay on my good vibe, all day long. I expect only good from things that come on my path today. 

Driving, writing, contemplating, having fun, popping by @Suus, relax time, awareness. Today, I will feel good.

Jolanda's Intentions:  
Today I so enjoy life. I feel excited and I'm full of good ideas. I feel creativity flowing and I'm deeply grateful/faithful and happy. Health, Wealth and Love consciousness is my predominant state of mind. Arigato.

Looking back at the end of the day I can only admit I did a good job. The humility thing was a little bummer, but I'm grateful for Jolanda's tip and I didn't loose my good vibe over it. It was a lesson.

I, Jolanda, mostly had a good day. Things went well, I good keep a good vibe and loved driving in our car and seeing all the nature and beautiful colors flowing by; the perfect moment for stepping on a even higher vibe.
Working so late on our blog was a good experience; the creativity did flow and I love creating online again. Gives me stuff to think.😊


Although I love our view and skies, after 1,5 years it's time to replace it for a more Southern scenery

Aug 21st

Early morning yesterday, we visited Suus, to see how good her new place looks already and to help her get rid of all the IKEA packaging. I'm happy that she's starting an exiting new phase in her life. Can't wait to see how beautiful that will unfold.

Later, I was standing next to our car, admiring it, I made a joke about belonging to the grownups now.... After we got home, Jolanda reminded me of the fact that this is an example of a lack of humility, and it shows in more than just this area. Wow.... That hit home. If I would really practice what I preach, I should know that being humble is a fantastic character trait. I know that, and I value it very much. But still... So, I will be very aware of my own behaviour and make the right choices.


Our Good Luck Charms. A gift from an African man in Sardine and they travel with us ever since.

22 August.
“Investing now to create quality-time in the future”. I heard this quote in one of the YouTubes I watched. I love it.
Only recently we became wise enough to see how to deal with money and investments in a good way. How to create leeway for ourselves in the present and further in time.

But what about today. I loved our trip to friends in another part of our country. One of the things we did agree on was that we’d rather had 1 good conversation a month then a whole bunch of small talk. So good to have friends like them. To dive deep in life, in studying natural laws, but also having a lot of fun.

Apart from some packing and washing the last bit of clothes, not much was going on. I came across two things though.

  • We need to ask/decide more to create clarity for the universe. And to get and keep the energy going.
  • I did commit myself to write 1 page with 2 different affirmations for 24 days. To create momentum, to persuade myself that life can be as simple as the Master Keys describes; Think of what you want – clear and concise, and that’s it. The only other work is feeling good, stick to what you want instead of changing it all the time and create good habits.

Let’s go for it.


Impressive Dutch clouds on our way home from visiting friends.

Aug 22st

On this rainy morning here in Gorredijk I just felt gratitude for my life as it is. That felt good already. It got even better when I visualized a bit on my desire for vineyards, olive trees, cypresses, lemon trees, prosciutto, blue skies, Mediterranean, caffè, gelato... Aaah... 😊

Most of our Sunday was spent driving to and from friends who live about 2 hours away, Marcus celebrated his birthday. A few days ago we posted about visiting Jacky and Andrea in their art studio. Well, the Bob Marley we bought from Andrea was actually our birthday gift for Marcus, who is a huge reggae fan.



Ruud's Intentions:
Today, it's my intention to feel gratitude for things that are in my life and things that will come into my life. I will appreciate my life in humbleness and be aware of how I feel.

Jolanda's Intentions:
Today I choose happiness, having fun and real connection. I choose ease, flow and nice surprises. I choose to surrender and have faith in universal laws and deep gratitude for them. Arigato.

Everything went well. A nice visit, even stomach pain dissappeared in a short while. What I see though is that things are going well, but I think, considering my insight about 'asking more' is necessary to make my days more exciting and interesting. No complaints - but I love surprises and being delighted by the universe, so it's time to start asking for that.
Being grateful for everything.

I deliberately focused on gratitude through the day. First came the relaxed and grateful feeling when it was grey and rainy, but also knowing that we would have perfect driving conditions later on. Check. For smooth traffic. Check. For lovely conversations with lovely people. Check. For having good fun. Check.

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