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Last night, I had my 2-weekly webinar about CashFX, which is always a great experience, and in line with my focus and intentions for the day. It feels so good having people there who want to learn something new, ask the right questions, get excited when they see the potential impact on their life. I've realised that my mind is completely detached from any result on our side. Just seeing people getting inspired and wanting to know more, feels very good and fulfilling.



How prepaving your day can make a difference...

To get familiar with our new car, we decided to take it (or is it him/her? 😊) for a ride in the country side, yesterday. We always like having some sort of goal and the idea was to have lunch somewhere. When we called to make reservervations it became clear that they did not serve the kind of lunch we were aiming for. Good for us that we decided to call first.... 😉 Because we've learned to see contrasting experiences as a gift, something to sift and sort, there had be something better in store. I suggested to drive to a certain village and pay attention to nice places along the way there. Jolanda agreed, so we went on our way. Nothing nice came along, and we were getting close to the 'end'. And there it was, right in front of us. A cosy terrace by the canal, boats passing by, tourists having late coffee or early lunch. An incredible spot, free parking next to the terrace... A hit.

Afterwards, we realized that the nice experience was completely in line with our intentions for the day...

Preparing for our travel 😎

Today was a preparation day although it didn't seemed that way, maybe. First we took some time to discover all the car-stuff in our new car.

Then also some travel stuff got in and it disappeared almost in the enormous space of the car. Love it.

Third was a drive in the countryside to investigate different ways of driving - Laine assist, cruise control on steroids, and all kinds of other features to figure out before going South.
On our trip we came across an amazing place with very good food, and also a place right at the water, seeing all kinds of little boats go by.
It did fit exactly what I intended for our lunch.

Although that good seems as just an ordinary lunch, this was a lunch to discuss the (crypto/travel) finances, The Master Keys and how to go about our latest insights ( more over this tomorrow in the Master Keys Blog).

So, what seemed just a day out, was in fact a day full of new discoveries and setting ourselves up for the upcoming period.
Now it's time for a nice, and late, dinner and a nice movie. I think it's gonna be The Comeback Trail. Here's the trailer



Ruud's Intentions:
Today, I intend to focus on things that make me feel good. Enjoy myself, have great experiences in everything I do, no matter what, where and who I'm doing it with. The whole day will be a flow of pleasant experience in focus, activities, and fun. 

Driving, masterminding, webinar, food,; looking back at the end of the day, I feel very satisfied with it.

Jolanda's Intentions:  I love to have fun, feel abundant and play. I love to feel free and joyful and I love to have much clarity. I love to feel amazing and excited.

It was a pretty amazing day. Did much special things happen? They where special for us and combined with keeping our vibe high and being grateful we had a pretty high flying day.
I (J) loved me surrendering when Ruud wanted to go to Terherne - a very touristic spot. And it turned out far beyond good. It was quiet, I saw a good parking place and 50 meters further we found a place next to the restaurant.
There was such a nice lounge couch near the water and we had amazing mastermind about finances and the Master Keys that broad our awareness a step further.
And I loved to play with my vibrations and the circumstances. Such a big change compared to being cranky whenever things weren't going the way I wanted.

Arigato for this incredible day.


About that lunch....  Jolanda admitted that her first reaction to my suggestion was negative, she didn't like the idea because she was afraid that a popular tourist village like this one would be crowded. But she was immediately aware of her thoughts and made the shift to positive expectations. Et voila. 'Het Schippershuis' in Terherne is on our list for a next visit.


Savine is a beginning singer-songwriting from our own little country. I like it that the song is inspired by letting go of comparing in a negative way and instead learn from the differences we see in each other. I hope we will hear a lot more of her in the coming years.

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