4 days before traveling

Travel Journal day 1.

Time spend in Lynk&Co 01, had an amazing (intended) lunch and more.

Beautiful place in Germany what will be our first stop Tuesday.

Keep the vibe high

Lot's to do, places to visit, people to meet today.  I loved doing all that, I also know it's often exhausting, having such a day. But not this time.

Somehow the combination between intending and building up a more consistent high vibe starts to bear fruit.
I was only a little bit tired. Everything worked out perfectly, we had a great with the 2 artists beneath and pondered my good feeling during traveling between several places.
Surrender, being aware and staying in contact with my body where 3 key components.
Talking about Keys - I've got some deeper insights about The Master Keys and life too. 


Yesterday's adventures

I am so happy and grateful not what we get to experience this amazing car we've been looking forward too! A manifestation of what we believed would one day be our reality. Driving a fantastic car, having great experiences, having fun, going to amazing places, effortless ease, carefreeness. Freedom. While not having to invest in buying the car or be caught in a 2-year contract.

Driving on the motorway, we had a good laugh. A car passed us and Jolanda looked at it. She could see that someone said something while looking at our 01. Like on command, the other people in the car immediately turned around to look at that unfamiliar vehicle... I can't wait to see people's reactions in the next weeks, here at home and in Italy. From other 01 users I've heard that people turn their heads and even start conversations out of the blue. We are raving fans and are becoming the brand ambassadors for Lynk&Co.

Enjoying our 01, we took the long way home to see our friend Jacky in her art studio. Jolanda and I have known Jacky for a while now, but we never really got together in real life. Every week, we mastermind about the Law of Attraction and how we can become more aware of the power of our thoughts. We're like-minded people. Besides that, Jolanda has been creatively active for a long time too, so it would be great to see the environment where Jacky gets her creative juices flowing.

We were blown away by the amazing place she created for herself and her colleague in art Andrea, filled with beautiful sculptures and paintings from both ot them. We already have a piece of Jacky's art at home, and we bought one of Andrea's as a gift for a dear friend's birthday.

The day was over before we knew it, and we didn't do any work on the Master Key System. That's OK. We'll make up for that tomorrow....


Tomorrow we'll start with

Intentions of Yesterday

Contemplating on how our intentions from the day before worked out and what we've learned from it 

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