Delay... for a good reason.

Originally we wanted to start the journal on the 13th, and leave on the 17th, today. We've decided to postpone our departure to the 24th, because we'll be picking up our new car the day after tomorrow. And we really want to take it on our trip south! So we'll start posting daily a little later too.

Yesterday's Intentions

I have not written down my intentions, yet. I do have a set that I use every day, I just pick the ones I want for that day. And through the day I 'get out ahead of it' and think about what I want to experience in the next segment. I will start writing them down tomorrow morning. That's my intention.... 😉

A cooker and a fridge... Our newest gear... 

Slowly but surely the packing is getting done. Jolanda is a master organizer and she already has prepared most of the stuff we want to take. Our clothes and some last minute things can wait until later.

What's new for us is to bring cooking gear. Not a lot, but besides some picnic stuff we also take a camping cooker. Traveling on keto requires some preparation if you don't want to depend on what's availabe in gas stations or motorway restaurants. Now we can prepare suitable and simple meals where and when we want.

To make it even more practical, we bring a mini fridge that we can run on the 12v connector in the car. It's so small it fits in a backpack, but big enough to have some essentials.

The Master Key System

A few days ago we covered chapter 11. Every now and then all kinds of things from the book pop up in our conversations during the day. Like 'fertilizing your thoughts with love', we spoke about the meaning and the power of that. We're coming to understand that love, health and wealth are the basis for a good life, at least for us, and a line like that hits home in all areas.

We've created a separate post about this topic here.

Our favourites

Jolanda discovered the relaxed, feel good songs by Jack Johnson many years ago. The singer- songwriter from Hawaii plays a lot of instruments, produces movies and used to be a profession surf dude. What else, if you're born on Hawaii? We love this radio channel with a lot of his and other similar songs for a nice summer evening. ❤

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