All the Lovely Places we Visited

Enjoying the new surroundings, we came across many nice hotels, houses places and restaurants that we documented here to enjoy them also when we're at home.

Gasthof Krapp, Geisfelderstrasse 5, Litzendorf, Deutschland

A little, what in Germany and Austria is called, Gasthof; Simple rooms with bathroom and simple but delicious food. Fresh salad, a piece of meat or fish and mostly potata, bread or potato-salad.
We loved it for many reasons. One because we spend time in places like that throughout our life, we wanted to taste Germany as we knew it instead of spending time in a fancy, but not specific German, hotel. And we loved the 'gemutlichkeit'. Simple, friendly, cosy.  People gather here to have a good meal and to connect, also without stay, for a good price.

Gasthof Bacher

Oberkatschberg 42

St.Michael, Austria

Just like Gasthof Krapp, we loved the authentic Austrian look and feel of this place. Lower on the mountain it was very touristic, but this place was all about authenticity and care for their customers. Often in traditional clothing we got everything we needed. And more. And for a very good price. A nice place for the summer, but even more for skiing, cause they lay besides a ski-lift.
Alpengasthof Bacher  from Family Kerschhaggl 

Tittmoning Germany

Not a stay this time but a beautiful pearl on our way south. The pictures are of the big square in the middle of the town. They don't represent the town at all, because the open space was surrounded with houses like this; one even more beautiful and perfectly maintained then the other.

Loved coming across this to let us surprise and delight.

Airbnb in Ferrara.

Via Renzo Bonfigioli.

Just a house in the suburbs of the city but so creative and comforting. I love it and it suits exactly the purpose; I wanted a stay for 4 nights to contemplate, get things done, study and enjoy the Italian life.

I, normally, not choose a house like this, more focused on nature, but this is a very nice place to stay.

Everything is taking care of and the house is full of surprises - paintings everywhere and a very creative interieur. 

Osteria Il Pino

C. A. Sant'Andrea di Sorbello, 27, 52044 Cortona

A nice place near by with honest and delicious food for a small price.
Easy to create some Keto meals, although it was tempting with the nice desserts.

Ristorante Mimmi

Via Pietro da Cortona, 31, 52044 Mercatale

A nice place with true Italian food.

No menu, just eat what is available, almost everything grown in their own garden.
And the Tiramisu was always a bit of a mess, but divine.

And such a nice people.
Loved going there.

Ristorante Simone Corsetti ai Girasoli di Sant'Andrea

Molino Vitelli Umbertide (PG)

Blown away by the beautiful experience there.

Amazing food, but even more the stunning environment and the high quality of service.
We felt so spoiled there. 
Highly recommended

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