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House I
For a number of years, Jolanda already had a secret desire to sell our house. However, she knew I would not be up for that.... Old mindset. Early 2018, on holiday in a nice apartment, we were studying The Science of Getting Rich. Somehow it shifted something, and I made a joke that was not a joke when I  said, "I could live here"..... Jolanda's heart jumped up. We sat down to talk about it, and within an hour we had an appointment with a local real estate company back home, for the day we returned. Jolanda's desire was about to be fulfilled.

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House II
Our house went on sale after a few weeks. Time went by.... The 'for-sale' sign had been  in the front yard for a while, but no offers. Our scarcity mindset made us worried. "What if no one wants it?". It took a while but as soon as we became aware of what we were attracting with those thoughts, we decided to make a shift. "People should be happy in this beautiful house. Our house deserves it, and they deserve a place like this where so much love and life has gone through'." One hour later we got the first offer....

House III
After 30 years of owning a house, we decided to rent. Less responsibilities, less worries, more freedom. We skipped the first options. After a few weeks of visiting places all over the country, we got a little desperate. Until the owner of one of those first options called us to ask if we were still interested. YES, we are! We took a look the same day and were blown away. We knew after 5 minutes. Only after we moved, we realized how much the place resembled the one that I had on his mood board since the year before. Wow! 😊

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Jolanda's Atoll - Natural pool
Jolanda loves swimming, especially in nature. Our old place was very close to a lake. It was shallow and that suited us very well when the kids where small. But for real swimming it was not an option. But Jolanda knew that someday, somehow, someone would come up with an idea to dig a hole and create a great place to swim. And so it went... Not only was the hole dug out right in front of our local beach club, a fantastic boardwalk was build around it, too.  Her own swimming pool was officially called 'Atoll'  and opened in 2012.  

Hyères - France
In 2019 we wanted to spent the fall on the Cote d'Azur. We didn't want to book 'shabby' places like before. As we expanded our financial mindset - that's what we thought - we looked for 'next level' locations. We fell in love with a great place in Hyères but the price was huge! We had a decision to make... look for what we want or what we want to pay? We decided to do the first. We continued with the booking for 6 weeks. Surprise... the long term discount was 80%. The week price was even lower than a lot of those shabby places... 🤣
Watch the Video on YouTube.

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After losing my company car, we leased a VW UP. Small and cheap because we had no idea how the future would look financially. However, on my vision board was our ideal car. A Citroen C3. A blue one. After almost a year we decided to take a look at a dealer nearby. And guess what? There it was, in stock, waiting for us! Blue and black, with all the options we wanted. Amazing! We even got a bonus when we got it €1500 cheaper than we expected! 

Lynk & Co 01
Possessing less stuff has been our focus for a couple of years now. We've already got rid of 75% of the stuff we had. Our C3 was the only big thing we owned. Renting is pretty expensive, so wouldn't it be nice if someone came up with something completely new in the automotive world? Et voila! May we present our new Lynk & Co 01. Not just a car, it's a concept; a monthly subscription and sharing options. And yes, we can quit every month. For us, this fantastic concept means carefreeness, abundance, freedom. And on top of that all, it's a pretty damn cool car! 😎 Italy here we come! 🇮🇹

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When health issues ended my career, Jolanda saw a video ad that she saw a few years before. Back then, she knew I would not be ready for it. This time, she thought "If not now, when?". That's how we got involved in SFM. A great education platform that teached people how to create a great life by building their own online business. What they also do is teach the fundamentals of success:  the importance of personal growth. Joining SFM has changed me/us, our life, our future. We got new perspective, hope. And a lot of new friends from all over the world. 

To work on our money mindset we decided to do a course with Ken Honda, author of Happy Money. Before the course was over, someone 'threw' CashFX in our lap. An incredible opportunity to create passive income by investing a small amount and let it grow to serious money stream in 4-5 years. In 1,5 year we already got great results, and now, after 1,5 year, I teach others how they can also benefit from this incredible opportunity. Passive income for everyone, growing slowly, on autopilot, or with a little extra work, the potential to grow like crazy. 

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Hotel Palazzo Sa Pischedda 
On our Sardinia workation, we decided to do a short city trip and stay there for one night. We  went online and booked a room in hotel Palazzo Sa Pischedda. After we arrived we sat in the lobby, waiting to check in. People who came before us were led out of the building into an annex down the road. Yeah right, that's not what we want... Sitting there Jolanda started to fantasize about great opportunities and surprises. When the lady got back behind the counter, she looked at us and smiled... "I want to give you a free upgrade to our suite, right here above the lobby". Grazie!

Published authorship
Jolanda's desire for ages; writing. In any way, shape or form. If there was a way that I could do more remote jobs and stay abroad for a couple of months, that would be an ideal situation for her to write. But I was not really cooperative at that time. Only after we started our online journey, we discovered how you can get your books published on Amazon, through the Kindle platform. We dived into that and found a training to teach us how. We found a designer for all the covers, and after just a few weeks Jolanda's first title was ready and published. Things just come together when you put your desires out there.

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