The ‘What-is-itis’.

Questioning things negatively. Don’t. Only expand your horizon in a positive way.
Not focused enough on Truth – Love, Health and Wealth.
Seeing contrast as a step 1 moment or a result of sloppy thinking.

Remedy and good life-habits in general.

  1. Feel good by – meditation, intending/segment intending and pondering the good feelings, doing nice things, dreaming/visualizing and making plans, going out and enjoy it in the present moment.
  2. Approach contrast ASAP from a step 1 point-of-view and don’t wander around in it. Just choose differently and build momentum. And feel good and excited in the process.
  3. Be firm to myself around questioning. Just do what feels best and build up momentum.
  4. Being more deliberate and quicker with focusing on the Truth through affirmations and mantra’s. Whatever helps to step away from ‘pondering’ the negative.
  5. And within ‘stepping’ towards Truth is also seeing things from Truth; from Health-, Wealth- and Love consciousness what is nothing more than not allowing seeing things differently than these 3 options. Being part of the universe, makes me the same. The universe is only health, wealth and love and experiencing anything else is nothing more then ‘pinching off’ of it!!