Harmony is not just thinking in the correct way, but feeling. A thought has an emotional response, there's the key, because that is my subconscious (inner being) telling me if I'm going in its direction.

Not feeling good is a signal of not being in harmony, aligned, with source energy. The LOA doesn't care, and just gives me what I vibrate/radiate, not necessarly what I asked for. That's only possible when I am a vibrational match, a cooperative component, aligned, in harmony.

I can't think my way into it, I have to feel my way into it. Does it feel good, or not so good?

Focused attention is important, yes. A harmonious method of thinking is important, yes. But feeling is the most important KPI I have to know if I'm actually in a harmonious attitude, and clearing my mental home.

Good-feeling thought. Care most about how I feel.

Thinking about what I want, and having nice mental pictures of it, getting the feeling of having/being, is all I have to do. My reponse to contrast, or contemplating on my desires for something, is my job. Not advising the Infinite in how this should unfold.

All I have to do is do my best to chill out, feel good, appreciate. But not bother with the things that are perculating in the vortex, or vibrational escrow. It is already in place. Ask and it is given. Source is all over it.

My job is to cultivate that harmonious, aligned state of mind; m higher vibe, my positive and constructive mental attitude. That's the receptive mode where I am tuned in, tapped in.... Vibrationally in sync with what is coming up for what is lining up for me, lighting up for me.

Finding the best idea/thought I have access to will automaticallty bring me higher up the emotional/mood scale. The higher I am, the more harmony.

What I am thinking and feeling, and what I am manifesting, are always a vibrational match.

"Post Manifestational Awareness" or "I'll believe it when I see it".

I can find the pleasure feelings of the experience and turn that attitude around. Reaching for the best-feeling thought on any subject, I 'train' myself into alignment with it.

The mental work is finding alignment; the predominant mental attitude of love, healt and wealth, positivity, creativity.'

Instead of wanting to be hands-on, I should be thought-on, gut-on, emotion-on, aligned-on... Making it a mental, vibrational and emotional game I'm playing, and leave the how, who and when to the Universe.

The how, who and when only give resistance, and questions I don't have answers for.

Be general or specific?
- I want $500,000 tomorrow
- I want $500,000 eventually
- I want $500,000 as quick as it can make it to me

More general statements have less resistance. But the fun is when I can be specific with no resistance, by trusting the laws and my own ability to focus.

Rather than being very specific about the details of what I want things to unfold, I can specify the emotional details, the feeling details....

I want to go to a beach with X numbers of seats, white send, X temperature of the water, X bars, X people dressed, X naked, X bars, X changing cabins.... etc... Or...

I want to be on a good-feeling beach, a place that feels good to me, I want to feel the serenity, I want to feel my well-being, I want to lay there in a non restricted environment, in good energy, knowing my well-being, my clarity, seeing the beauty of the sand, the water, the sky....

That's specific about the topic - beach - but the rest is all about emotion/feeling. Every other detail I've ever asked through life or contrast will be given too in this attitude.

Ask, and it is given. Find a way to line up with it...
By feeling my way into it, not thinking...
Love, appreciation, bask my there.