Year: 2021

August 24th (day 1)

YES! We’re on our way. This morning we left just after 7am, and we had an incredible first day of our travel!

August 22nd ( 2 days before day 1)

We’ve decided to change our method of operation. We will write about a day at the end of that day, instead of looking back at yesterday. It feels more natural and the memory is fresh.

August 21st (3 days before day 1)

Only 3 days before we leave. We had a great example of the impact intentions can have. Awareness and skills to adjust our thought patterns are key.

August 20th (4 days before day 1)

Today, is the official start of our journal. From now on we’ll post here every day. Everything that we find useful to keep record of, to remind ourselves, and to create a great memory of this trip of beauty and growth in all areas of life.

August 17th (7 days before day1)

This was supposed to be the day we were going to start our trip to Italy. However, the universe delivers and at exactly the right time we manifested our new car. So, a small delay to enhance our travel experience. We also take some ‘new’ things with us….

August 16th (8 days before day 1)

This should have been the day before, as we planned to leave on the 17th. However, last week we got the phone call we were expecting! Let go of the outcome, and see what happens. 😉

The Master Key System

Our mutual study project at the moment. We’ve already been on it for a couple of months now, and we’ll keep this great project going during our trip. We created this special post on this topic to write about the lessons and insights.

Why we travel in Keto-style

During our stay in Italy, how are we going to make sure we stay in tune with our keto-style and still enjoy every now and then?